Materialized astral body?

has anyone ever materialized their astral body as if they never left their physical body? just curious


It is possible but is one of those skills that requires mastery over not only astral projection but also the manipulation of energy and great knowledge of how that manipulation of energy interacts on various levels all the way down to the physical level. So don’t expect this to be something you can do without years and years of experience. Now it might happen spontaneously as spontaneous bursts of magick and psychic abilities do not seem to be as limited as conscious efforts towards a goal but I would expect that to manifest more small scale such as telekinetic type events.


I have a friend who learned it in a week not bullshitting

Dude, that’s pretty hard to believe, but if you aren’t simply trolling, I’ll bite.

You “friend” has some apparent extreme ability. I’ve been working with energy for decades and haven’t made that happen.

Although it is fully possible, I’d be more inclined to think it was a freak occurance, most likely from the recent dimensional collision.

The chaotic energy is those events can cause certain abilities to be hyper charged, and spells can go either super bad, or work extremely well, to the point of almost working too well.

Some backstory is needed here, please elaborate on how it happened, when, and how you knew it was what you state it was.


IF that happens to be true it has probably taken him multiple life times to learn and what you saw is the culmination of that training and knowledge finally coming together in his current life. That is if it is true I am more willing to bet it was probably more along the lines of an illusion or thought projection meant to appear that way.

not sure what methods you use no offense but the way we do things is different, their are many ways, one is actually for shape shifting, teleportation and time travel. basically what you do is reach a calm relaxed stare and open your third eye and through your inner vision see energy flowing into your chakras all the way up to the crown chakra, once it reaches that, imagine tingles all over your body, try and sycronzise these tingles with the flow of energy through your chakras, do it until you feel a wave of energy wash over you, once that happens you are now pure energy and thus through your mind eye imagine a place you would like to visit, a time you would like to visit, or a form that you would like to look like, give it to the subconscious mind and let it do the rest of the work, it’ll take months to perfect this but it won’t take years, it’s all about the technique your using. for materialized astral body, just hum as if you were in your physical body, let the hum spread throughout your astral body and when you feel it all over, slow down the hum thus you are slowing down the vibrational frequency of your astral body becoming more and more solid. once again this will take months not years so don’t dump on it if it dosent work right away


he shook my hand and everything, this was by far no illusion

You didn’t read what I wrote?

I wasn’t pooh-poohing all over what you wrote, In fact I was giving my personal opinion on what that means for your friend.

If you have a friend who is that advanced, consider yourself to be blessed, I said I’ve been working with energy for decades, I didn’t say I was The Ultimate Energy worker.

Now then, I’m highly inclined to believe that your friend is a gifted energy worker and that he has figured out how to make energetic doppelgangers of himself. That takes some serious effort, and I applaud it.

Very cool, you should work with him and see if he can energetically manifest, and actually move objects, and if he can do that, see if he can bring objects with him. You can become the ultimate Thief if he learns how to bring objects with him energetically.

Literally, EA koetting will start learning from him. As would I.

sorry I can be impulsive at times lol, but yeah he’s amazing

Me too, I constantly rag on people.

You should seriously consider learning from your friend, that would be really cool if you can actually demonstrate this stuff at some point.

As a matter of fact, I am more than willing to set up a circle, and put your friend’s name in it, and see if I can get him to manifest over here with me, he should bring burritos. I’m not being an ass, if your friend can energetically manifest completely like that, he should show up in my circle, and bring burritos.

Okay, maybe I’m being a bit of an ass, it’s in my nature.

Or, at the very least, shove President Trump off a stage on TV before Vanishing again.

Illusions and projections can appear quite real and even mimic physical sensation similar to dreams in some ways. Making you believe and remember an experience that never really happened. Either way though it is quite an accomplishment whether he did manifest or pulled off a strong enough illusion or mental projection to mimic it. Well worth picking up both skills.


he has a blog where he talks about this talk, you wanna see it? checks this out,it’s his blog, it will blow your mind

This is weird because when I first started soul traveling I could not get my soul out of my body so I just imagined my body rising up without my own action of doing so and moving to wherever my soul took me