Materialization of Demons formula

Palas Aron Ozinomas
Baske Bano Tudan Donas
Geheamel Cla Orlay
Berec H Pantaras Tay!

  • from the 14th century used to summon demonic powers, manifesting of demons

To summon Satan :heart:

Bagabi Laca Bachabe
Lamac Cahi Achababe
Karrelyos Lamac Lamec Bachalyas
Cabahagy Sabalyos Baryolos
Lagoz Atha Cabyolas
Samahac Et Famyolas

(from the 14th century)


Looks interesting. Could you share more details about the source of these spells?

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I see you have delightful content! :slight_smile: I/we would love to see all you wish to share at the ‘Incantation summary’ post if you wish? That would be absolutely epic! ^.^

If you’d be willing, thanks beforehand! :slight_smile:

There are lots of nice ‘candies’ there that you might find too :slight_smile:

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Thank you for sharing

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It’s very powerful stuff and it really works

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what were your results