Material things for your spiritual practices

I’ve just been wondering lately what are some of your guys favorite crystals, oils , types of incense / sage , stones, you guys find effective in what you do

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This :smile:


Lol is this gonna be some type of everything is consciousness speech

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yeah, your mind is the most important material thing in your practice :smile: as V.K. Jehannum said and i kinda did it before that by instinct: “sandalwood incense is the pizza of incenses”, it’s kinda good for every spirit (and demons tend to like patchouli too). other than that i’d say buy candles, but i don’t really pay attention to colors - only when i’m doing something really important and want to boost every aspect of the ritual


I know I kind of expected that , I was just curious , I’ve been thinking I could maybe make my own oils for purposes with my thoughts emotions and words

Just kidding man I wanted to make an half assed joke while I was looking for Emglish names of things I have sometimes use

Yeah but like Einstein said, reality is a persistent illusion, so I wont lol.

Honestly, lavender goes with anything except baneful workings for me.Frankincense is always an option,you see I am more of quantity>quality guy so I didn’t switch and test a lot of incences.

About stones,well I have prayer beads made of cornelian,I mostly use it for grounding (really sucks negativity like a sponge) and for checking how many minor thoughts pass while I am trying to silence my mind,there is one stone I have been searcing with no luck sadly,called yada stone.

For oils,never used any so far, however if I wanted to make one, it would be D.U.M.E oil I think, its so hard to make for me that my enemies would die for respecting my work lol.

Not really the best post I know,I dont use much material, but if I do, I buy them a lot. :smile:

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Yea I agree your mind creates reality and affects your world , I just wanted to see what I could waste money on lol

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Crystals/stones: I don’t really have too much of a preference but I tend to lean towards granite or lava stones, as they can be adapted to multiple tasks.

Incense: I experiment with loose incense blends often, but I do like to use Cinnamon, frankincense and Benzoin.

Oils: High John the Conquer Oil, D.U.M.E, Money Drawing.

Sage: Perfer white, but I don’t mind desert either.