Material stuff

Hi everyone. I have a question for you all. Can a spirit/entitie help me to get something especific? and I mean, something material. Let’s say I want a motorcycle. Can I evoke a demon or angel to ask him to get me one?

Sorry if it’s a dumb question, I was just wondering about this (and I also want a motorcycle lol)

Yes they could but it won’t just be in your front yard one morning lol.
They can help in a number of ways but it depends on you. Can you actually afford one? Can you afford the upkeep?

They like to work from a path of least resistance so if you don’t know that path you don’t know how or when it will appear.
You have to be ready for it because once it’s there they won’t help you keep it.


I understand. I can’t afford one right now, but I was thinking: hey maybe if I ask a demon to get me one someone will appear and say “I don’t want my motorcycle anymore, you can have it” or something like that haha

It could happen that way but you’d still have to pay for it’s upkeep.
You could, of course, call a Daemon like Bune to help with finances but you’d still have to keep working upwards for the Daemons to keep helping you.

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Yes, you can. But what happens depends on the demon you use and its personality. It could bring a bike into your possession and be done with the task. Or it can influence circumstances so you’re financially and materially set for the bike and the consequence of having one.

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