Material plane vs astral plane

This question is only directed towards people who are familiar with astral projecting/soul traveling.

Between the physical plane and the astral plane which one do you prefer? Where do you feel the most at home?

If you had to make a choice between staying forever in the physical plane in a human body or staying forever in the astral with your ethereal body what would you choose?

[quote=“iratecaller”]Physical. The physical realm is the end-of-the-line. It is not the lesser part of the Tree Of Life, just because it’s at the bottom. It is where everything interacts through laws of physics. All the elemental forces resonate with real power. It is the realm where you can manifest true wealth and power, or being a wholesome tree hugger, whatever!! It’s all fine.

The physical world is the gateway to other realms, and I’m certain that some denizens of non-physical realms are quite envious of your position here in Malkuth.

I love projecting in the physical. (Point of order: I haven’t been able to project astrally in some time … sucks)

In other words, I can wait to die. I have some living to do for a while I hope.

You do to. Right now, you get to experience both realms. Once you are dead, you can’t come back as you were. While your physical body is here, and yes, you suffer through painful moments (sucks), you get to explore BOTH!!!

Just make sure you stick around. ;)[/quote]

I understand your point of view but when it comes to your path to power, well, the gods reside in the astral, in a dimension beyond life and death. So if you wants to achieve power to the point of God hood don’t you have to abandon your physical body at some point to become akin to the other gods?

Eternal physical life would be a literal hell. No, no… not the fiery sex drugs and rock & roll hell with little imps running around… but a dark, cold, empty and hollow oblivion.

And that is what the physical universe will someday become. A dark, cold, empty and hollow oblivion. All the stars will burn out, all the planets will slowly disintegrate, all concentrations of heat will become dissipated into a uniform near absolute zero state… all black holes even, will eventually “turn to dust” (photons), and the universe will decay into a uniform homogeneous blob of photons with no differentiation. Quantum fluctuations will indeed be cosmic events at some point, so low will the activity level of the universe go.

Im not sure people really understand the above when they say they want to live forever. Maybe they dont understand what “forever” really means… or they dont think the universe will eventually come to an end (it will, because of the second law of thermodynamics, that is inevitable).

So basically the question is, really, would you like to live in a dreamy world forever, or (eventually and then permanently) a literal oblivion.

Ill take the dream world.


Because of the multiverse theory, this isn’t the only universe, so when this one dies, just travel to another, that’s what I want my eternity to be, traveling around forever in the multiverse and time traveling