Material for circles

What’s the best material a circle can be drawn on, example is the universal circle from EA. What was it made of.

Is blood the only potent way of making a circle made at home stronger?

EA’s Universal Circle is printed on heavy duty canvas. It’s quite durable.

No. You don’t need blood. You can reinforce a circle with divine names and words of power concurrent with your beliefs.

If you look at the threads on the forum of those who have made their own circles, they are usually drawn or painted on a bed sheet or other kind of cloth for ease of storage.


I just go to the crafts section of walmart and buy whatever fabric I like by the yard. Usually around 3sq yards or so and trim it to what I like, then simple acrylic paint.


Yeah I just use full size flat sheets. Singles do fine for smaller circles and queen for bigger ones.
I use acrylic paints, with newspaper underneath as this can seep through.

You can get drop cloths from the hardware store as well if you like.


I’ve never been disappointed joining this honorable forum. Questions asked always brings out the best answers I expect. Thank you all for your great knowledge shared.

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Making it on a banner material I don’t think is going to be a bad idea right?

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