mate...WOT is happening to BOTH sides

Am i over thinking?
Cause 333/911 has been popping up today (how i use to talk to Jesus convo-ish suddenly popped up in my mind, its from Jesus) AND Lucifer’s and /or his angels energy was buzzing around me…

seriously what the hell is going on with the light and darkness. I am confusion? Are both sides trying to persuade me? if yes is it this" follow me!" “No, follow me instead” jeez


I believe that you are free to involve yourself with all sorts of beings, both light and dark, and that doing so is not only ok, but rather beneficial. I’ll tend to focus on either angels or demons for a time (I work with other spirits too, but generally speaking), and then occasionally switch as cycles of self-development begin and end.

I’ve evoked an archangel and a demonic king on the same day before. It’s only a problem if you make it one. The archangel Metatron even guided me to work with Lucifer. Their personalities may be rather different at times, but they all have your best interests at heart when you call upon them with a sense of authority.

I’d say do whatever feels right for you. You don’t have to “pick a side” or anything like that, and you are always the one in control, not the spirits. There’s something to be said for letting go of control at times, and the spirits aren’t going to wreck your life, but you are always free to make your own decisions.

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Seeing 333 more and more often. The abyss or your patron deity communicates with you through signs and symbols, these signs serve as clues for your journey. The number 333 symbolizes aid and encouragement.

Seeing the number pattern 333 can mean that you have to make an important decision with regards to issues in your life. Whether you’ve just had a setback in your career, a relationship or health issues, things can turn around. All you have to do is keep moving forward.

What i am getting is that you are on the right path and the numbers 333 amped by the power of 3 leads to 999, which brings closure to your problem. In this case, whatever your decision was, you made the right choice, and you’ve put an end to what’s been on your mind.

You know you can work with both sides, right? Neither will judge you for it. You do you.