Matanbuchus: An aspect of Belial - A dedication

This post is a dedication to Matanbuchus, an aspect of Belial. You can use the ode to Matanbuchus to invoke, summon or invite this aspect to commune with you.

Honour and praise to the Great King Belial…

What you need for this ritual -

  1. A clear intent and mind.
  2. A black candle
  3. Black sesame seeds ( handful), mustard oil, graveyard dirt, bone (1 piece bone of chicken/lamb)
  4. Obsidian crystal or smoky quartz
  5. Dragon’s blood, sandalwood or frankincense incense.
  6. Blood as an offering is optional.
  7. Wear black clothes for this ritual. Robe isn’t necessary. But any black coloured outfit would do.
  8. Time - preferably 12:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m.
    If not possible…you can perform the ritual during night time…when its dark and there’s silence outside.

If you can’t find all the items listed…its ok. Use only candle and incense.

Chanting of the enn of Belial 108 times - Lirach Tasa Vefa Wehlc Belial.

Now you can set the intention of inviting, welcoming or calling forth the Matanbuchus aspect or mask of Belial.

     An Ode to the Mortifer - Matanbuchus Belial

Oh Matanbuchus, the death bearer
One who roams in ruins…

Who dances with untamed abandon on corpses.
Oh great one…The Mortifer…
Whose beautiful face is hidden from the mortal eyes
Those who can’t find you in life…won’t get to you in death…
Peace and chaos are…your echoes…

For you…Oh Mighty Lord of the Earth,
Dwell in creation and destruction both.
As you dance to the wild drums in the wilderness, on battleground and in graveyards…
For one last glimpse…I am reminded of the fading memory that this life is!

Its written in quicksand…this fragile life…
That you swifty engulf in a click.

Oh Lord of the eternal void,
I invite thee…to commune with me.
To teach me all that lies beyond the veil.
Far away from the facade of this play…we clutch on to… This life!

Hail Mortifer…All praise to you Matanbuchus… Blessed be the ones who call your name… Belial.

                    Written during channeling Belial.. by Shreya C. @belovedbel 

Uses of this ritual

  1. Necromancy
  2. Shadow Work
  3. Afterlife divination
  4. Vision beyond the veil - Daemonic vision
  5. Intense dark self work for ascent to daemonic divine self.
  6. Understanding the death current and using it for spiritual ascension.

Here is a song by a deathmetal band based in India… That helped me connected to this Mortifer or deathbringer aspect of Belial…

Song Lyrics

Title - Head without mind

My life got no destiny,
Death is the only reason now I live,
Forever kept waiting for lies to come true.

My hands shed blood of my own,
If I had a chance to correct…
It would be the life of others,
Not something in me.

So, I let it all get worst than it used to be,
With time they devoured each other, blinded by foolish ambitions,
Rotted in a land created for eternal peace !

Oh, Save me inside!
My actions were those which raised eyebrows and lowered the voices of the masses,
I am still burning of that hate !

So, I let it all get worst…than it used to be,
With time they devoured each other,
Blinded by foolish ambitions,
Rotted in a land created for peace!
Head without mind…

You can use this music to connect to the Matanbuchus or Mortifer aspect of Belial. I felt him in this song. I am not at all into heavy metal or deathmetal…but this song really felt like Belial. Those who know metal bands and understand that genre of music will have great many options to choose from and appreciate.

Hail Belial…:metal:t2: