Masturbation to cause lust in someone

Any one have any times how i can use solo masterbation to cause someone to lust after me? Thanks

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For inciting lust:
Put a powerful red or orange aura around the person.
______ is experiencing irresistible sexual obsession, desire/lust for me.” “_________ finds me sexually irresistible.” You can masturbate using sex magick and drive the energy into the desired one’s aura. This is best begun on a Sunday or Tuesday during a waxing Moon. Never do this when the Moon is in the celibate sign of Virgo, though.

Void of Course Moon Tables:


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Take footage of your masturbation and send it to the person in question x)))
Masturbate like your making a porno out of it…A romantic porno :))) Have rose pedals on the floor, and George Michael playing…Look into the camera with intent, radiating lustful and tantalizing energy… send the footage in a neat little package with maybe some cheezy line that indicates whats being received but still leaves it to surprise!!^-^…Lol I had to, but who knows yknow, it might would work ^^xDD


I know you’re taking the piss, but that could scare the Hell out of many! lol Especially in this #metoo era! The subtle approach I posted is more appropriate. It’s better for the target (of the spell) not to have a single clue of what is being done or they could just resist the magic.


Didn’t mean to put it under baneful

I placed it in the correct section, and please check your messages, green icon, top right.

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Lol. Even princess Diana would have fallen for that. :joy:

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Any real answers


Any real chance you might follow the rules before demanding answers…

Hm there is someone I like that I do think of while masturbating… so it’d be interesting to see if this could work xD

This reminded me of a rite to Moloch in a sex magik environment. But this is not to say that what you are talking there personally I see more as a witchcraft. But to answer in short: Yes you can.