Masturbation effect on root chakra?

I’ve told multiple times that my root chakra needs work so I got to thinking as to the reason why it needs work. I got the idea that masturbation has an effect on it because:
1.) The penis is right by the chakra
2.) Ejaculation releases a lot of energy

I masturbate a lot but I’m gonna try to take a long break and see if anything changes. If you notice anything wrong then please correct me. Anyways, that’s that. Also, I know there are various methods as to the development of the chakra but the accumulation of threads has made it difficult to find some. If you want then you can share your method on here :+1:


I have self pleasured after root chakra meditation in order stimulate growth and release blockages. I found this helpful especially if as a woman the cervical stimulating relates to the heart miredian line


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Reroute the energy you release from ejaculation back into the root chakra to open it.


I assume I would do this by visualizing the energy just going back to the chakra, right?

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Back to? From what I can tell, sex is related to the sacral chakra. So you’re visualizing it going down one step.


Oh, I always thought that once you ejaculate you’re releasing that energy out of you and into the surroundings.

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That’s what naturally happens if you’re mundane and can’t control energy. Now that you’re aware of it, you can focus on directing it. That’s the basis of sex magic.


Oh ok, now I understand.

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Root chakra can be open by injaculation only. Otherwise is just mindfuck, literally.

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Dear Lotus King,

Simply, sit down outside,
directly on earth.
(no chair)

Let Energy from over your head (just imagine a little sphere there,
burning and radiating Energy like the Sun does),
Flow through your body,
and down into the earth,
forming cracks into the earth,
which fill up with roots (like the roots of an tree or plant).

That’s both grounding and Chakra opening combined,
and will stabalize it.

Now you want to work in sections there.

At the beginning, you just absorb the Energy into the Chakra,
filling it up until you feel it pulsating by itself.

Next, you amplify that pulse,
until it feels stronger (more dominant in your perception),
then your heart beat.

The heart beat it natrually the strongest Energetic pulsation inside any living being,
so that’s why you take it as measurement.

At that point,
where it’s feeling stronger then your heartbeat,
you’ll feel it going outside of you,
and pulsating into earth and a little bit around you,

At that point, you can cast any Circles of protection,
or Pentagrams / other sigils you want around and within that working to be active.

I recommend you don’t take any random deities / demons / angels - especially angels - into it,
because the binding effect of integrating it into the root chakra is extremely potent.

Angels are worst to go there,
because you basically force them to become demonic while around you,
just like a pastor filled with dogma, you simply can’t see them in their natrual form anymore after integrating them to root chakra.

There’s guides which explain specific Angels for Root chakra - avoid those too.

At least until you’ve worked through the complete technique 3 times,
and understand how strong the Energy is by itself.

Next, you start growing the roots into earth,
while the swirling energy is developing cracks below you.

Simply feel yourself lashing through earth,
and instead of being hindered by it,
and it being a exhausting process of “digging” through it,
feel how the Earth nurtures you.
Feel it like sitting on a giant pie or some other sweet food you prefer.
And those tantacle roots are like your bites, taken into the food.

That’s the best mental image, i think, to emelate that nurturing quality to your concious understanding.

The Energy sensation should shift from light and vibrant,
to calm, dark and solid.

That’s when you know you’re doing it right.

Finish when you’ve grown your Astral roots into the earth to the depth of your body hight x1,5.

So the roots are actually a little longer then you’re tall.

That’ll have a side effect on your balance and orientation,
as it’s stabalizing you.

That along will take care of your chakra’s Energetic balance and strength.

From what you’ve said,
i sense you also have emotional concerns,
and at least subconciously look for a way to pleasure.

I think there’s some sense of grief or insecurity which has been blocking you from furfilling your needs on that end, healthyly.

So take some time,
and look into yourself,
if those are cleansed / healed after the working.
If not,
focus the newly gained Energy exactly where you feel the grief or Worry sitting inside of you,
and simply imagine it being pushed outside of you (yes this actually is released like you used to release the orgasm energy - into the surrounding area), while being replaced with your earthbound, healthy and calm energy.

Lastly, let that sphere above your head dismantle.
Either by casting it off / away from you,
or by letting it integrate to be a constant Energetic empowerment,
at your crown chakra. (be careful there, looking out for headaches, it’s a good technique,
but for permanent integration you’d normally want a full working similar to that for the root chakra, to be done specifically for the crown chakra. - both are our open connecting points to the Enviorment around us,
and should be cleansed and empowered from time to time,
to gain more Energy for Spellcasting.)


Oh speaking of joy, the natrual Energy flow inside of your body,
is up the spine, down the belly side.
So when Energy is built up during Masturbation,
you now know how to cycle it.
You can use it to empower any chakra inside the body,
just be aware, that they devide into positive and negative Energy (pushing, pulling).

The Energy should NOT be stored inside of the Root chakra,
after climax - after having your orgasm,
instead absorb all the Energy you’ve accidentally released around you,
and store it in your lower dan tien, 2 fingers below the navel.

The Energy Stored there is positive (pushing) Energy,
and the Negative (Pulling) Energy is best stored at the end of the spine.

The corresponding chakra is the Sacral Chakra, basically you want to store all the excess Energy which was created there.

From there you can use it for Spellcasting, Healing, Curses etc.

Lastly, a little trick to hyper-charge it,
which only works for females:
The hand which is lazy during your masturbation,
simply place it on top of your belly, in the middle of your hip area (bikini zone).

the other hand, in by 4-5 cm, pushing upwards, and inwards, balanced by the other hand laying on top of it.
You can channel Energy through your hands (right hand pushes, left hand absorbs), there to enhance the effect, but physical action should be just as fine.
You’ll feel pretty clearly what i mean when you try it out.

That specific Areal is very sensible for absorbing “him” inside you,
and usually takes great deal of binding couples together.

So you can enhance your own bio-chemic Oxytocin production with that technique.
It’ll make you more seductive, and since you’re activating it conciously aware,
instead of natrually to bind to a specific person,
it’ll be more like a glamour spell, casted into your aura.
It’ll work generally on all people you’re interacting with,
making you “generally more likeable and pleasant”.

You can connect it to a specific person if you choose so,
and cast strong binding spells from there.

But mainly it’s interesting to have that open, glamour spell like effect,
which towards anyone around you,
will just be a natrual part of their defination about “how” you are.

  • You wount find this in any book,
    as far as i know, no one teaches that technique. :wink: