Masturbated to Duke Zepar

Hi everyone,

I’m pretty new with the occult, my knowledge is something like 0%. I know a little about some demons, but I’m very interested.

Last night I had a dream where I was masturbating (I’m an 18 year old heterosexual young man), while I was masturbating I saw Duke Zepar with flames around him. Everything else was darkness. I came very quickly (in my dream). It was different from normal ejaculation, it felt extremely intense (in a good way). I immediately checked if I ejaculated in the physical realm too when I woke up, but gladly I didn’t.

I only drawn his sigil once a while back, but I didn’t do anything to it.
I have never had a gay dream before.

Can someone please explain what my dream means. Thank you!


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@Siar he’s a governor of lust so I’m guessing pretty much anything goes. Men, women and solo lol. I would suggest looking into him some more and trying some basics first if you are not to well versed. Meditation/ Guided Meditation might be a good place to start.

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Maybe he’s letting you know to get out their and experiment haha


Weirder shit has happened, this is the occult…