Mastery Series Order

Hey guys! I have yet to purchase the Mastering Divination, Evocation, and Soul Travel Courses, just a heads-up; I haven’t saved enough money yet with my college budget. Once I get them, should I work through them in the order they were released, or some other order? From watching the Soul Travel slideshow, I kinda want to start with that first. Is the release order the way the courses are meant to be used, or can I start with whichever of the three I choose? Thanks!


I believe EA would say Divination, Evocation then Soul Travel and he has his reasons for that, but there are others here who feel strongly that Soul Travel is where everyone should really begin, i think you should start with whatever one excites you the most. Because no matter which you pick first many times the other two more often than you might think come into play, a Evocation can easily become Soul Travel or Divination an Evocation et cetera.


Thank you for your insight!

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As someone who has all three courses, and can judge by the contents of each, I would say the order should be as given by EA: Divination, Evocation and Soul Travel, as they build upon each other. Soul Travel requires skills learned in the other courses and should be the last.

But, I also agree with what @charles9 said, you should start with whichever one excites you the most because then you are most likely to put into practice what the course teaches, rather than just watching it without practice.


Anyone know where I can get those courses?



honestly i started with evocation. Way more exciting and far more life changing. plus if you’re good at evocation, you can summon spirits to help you with divination and soul travel


Can I ask you something good sir?

you can

Is it possible to evoke an entity that could still be alive?

I know you meant the question for @Verdo but the answer is yes.

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how do you do it? cause im trying to envoke someone who could still be alive.

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You do it the same way you would any other evocation. There is no real difference. You can either create a sigil for them via your preferred method or use a photograph.

If you have a copy of the Anthology of Sorcery 3, there is a Rite of Deification in there in which you evoke a living person and empower them via sacrifice that you could use as a template. In that ritual you use the person’s full name and a photograph.

So have you contacted cain?

No. i have never evoked any beings from the Christian or Jewish mythologies. I’ve never felt the need to.

I don’t count angels as part of those mythologies because they are far older than simple desert religions.

If you want to work with Cain, you can look into the Qayin tradition that was mentioned in the Mark of Cain thread. Cain is the main being they work with.

I need to ask him something