Mastery in evocation

Have you mastered Evocation to the level that you can evoke/invoke a spirit while being in a public place?

I dont think that counts as mastery. If anything it is a testament to how well you can concentrate in a crowded area and to your ability to manipulate energy within a current that is not a designated temple. It is a step up for sure, but magus all the time, every single day, do magic on the fly. Invoke entities, etc, in public.

If you are thinking someone is going to evoke an entity in public, to such a degree that it becomes ‘real’ to normies, such a thing is highly unlikely due to the nature of the work in general. Some people might be able to sense something is off, but if you are chanting and doing a full blown evocation in public, on the streets, you are going to get more than a few weird looks and not a second thought. Who knows might even be asked to leave the area for disturbing the peace xD lol

I have invoked energies in public before to pacify raving people before. But it is all subtle manipulation and nothing too showy. If you do it right, you’re the only one who knows that everything is happening ‘according to your will’.

Maybe if you refine your inquiry we can have a better understanding towards what you mean.

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