Mastermind (My experience with mental forces in a nutshell)

I tend to do a lot of thinking. Most of my life, that has been the single cause of most if not all of my problems. For the last few years I’ve been focusing on guiding that process into something deliberate and productive. Some of it into my esoteric practices and education, part of it on money, part of it on learning how the world really works. To name a few.

The thing is, I don’t just think anymore. Less and less often do my thoughts drift or spiral out of control into some self torment of he said she said dramatic and inane things. My thoughts are more often, carefully guided and my intentions more clear.

As I pursue this journey of self control and self exploration, I have noted that the space between the physical sensations in the brain and body and the aura transmissions and the ethereal template levels of the deep subconscious… There are bridges. Things to not only become aware of and take firm control over. After all, are we not told from a young age that self control is important?

I have really begun to take that to an unbound extreme. I have more than granted permission slips to the essential magick in my life, but I push the envelope constantly. So for me the key has been to learn to control my own mind and learn its subtle and almost invisible or silent little ticks and controls. It has done me wonders.

I cannot stress enough that if knowledge us power then the greatest thing that any person can do for themselves is self mastery. It’s a bitch. A real bitch sometimes, such is the human condition, but the results speak for themselves once you have done it to even a slight degree.