Mastering Soul Travel - Section 4

Hey All,

For those of you who have purchased this course as I have, I am having a little problem with the preparatory exercise EA calls Cycling Light. In the instructions he gives, you visualize a light filled cloud moving over your body, relaxing your muscles. Then he says to focus on your breath and to cycle light through your body, but he doesn’t say where this light is. Are we supposed to visualize a light around us and breathe it in? This is what I’m confused about because the cloud is visualized as externally moving over your body. Am I misunderstanding the instructions?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi. I haven’t been successful with moving out of body following this course, which is disappointing. However, the meditation exercises are great! When I perform them, I go into trance properly. My physical body just feels leaden and I don’t have the slightest motivation to move, yet my mind is alert. It is though I have put my body to sleep…which I guess is the point!

Anyway, if it helps I picture the cloud starting off above my head (I visualise it just being comfortably wider than my body when sitting). I visualise the cloud EXTENDING downwards over my head, shoulders, body etc. rather than the whole cloud moving down. When it reaches my feet, I then visualise that I am sat in a cocoon of relaxing light.

After practicing the above a few times, the performance of this preparatory meditation for me is quite quick (maybe 15 seconds 'ish). If I am aware of any tension in any area afterwards I simply direct the relaxing energy to that area. I think it is a good preparatory meditation just to get into the ‘first level’ of relaxation necessary for true meditation. It is not so important that you clearly visualise in your minds eye the light, but that you know it is there because you have created it and that you feel its effects.

Once I am relaxed, I then focus on breathing in the light from the cloud all around me for a few minutes…imaging that my internal organs and even my blood cells and bones are relaxing.

I then perform the river meditation, which really descends me another level into meditation. I visualise the river as a wide, rapidly moving current (going from right to left), taking up the whole of my vision and as though I am looking directly down upon it. However, again, I find the importance is not so much to visualise the current, but(of course, with your eyes closed) to get a sense of the current rushing by from right to left the height of my body (sitting down). I know that any thought, sound or sensation that I become aware of must immediately be caught by the current and carried off far away to the left into the distance. I notice that my body becomes quite heavy and numb during this.

After 3-5 minutes of the above, I begin to visualise a pendulum swinging from side to side. It is important to visualise the pendulum as best you can. Whenever the image starts to disappear and reappear, or other thought invade your mind, just calmly bring your attention back to the pendulum. Know that with every swing you are going deeper into trance. This exercise really does ‘finish me off’ as far as going into trance. My body and limbs feel totally heavy and numb after this and I move onto the chakra cleansing and opening exercises (energy raising, basically).

It is interesting that once you have experienced the ‘body asleep/mind awake’ state achievable through the above exercises, that even if you shake yourself out of it for a few moments, as soon as you settle back into your posture and close your eyes again, you immediately go heavy and numb again (back into trance)…the same as if you are asleep but something stirs you out of it for a few moments, as soon as shut your eyes again you immediately descend back into sleep.

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Thanks, AcidKing! I’ll try it that way, encasing myself in the light.

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in visualizing stream of water i had experience of EVERYTHING condensed in a deep black movement, and I was the only point in existence that is constant. everything except me (I) was moving in cycles and dying.

this happened as something a secretly wanted and visualized, but this really happened as a real thing, not my imagination.

so, i had an experience of being ETERNAL for a brief moment of time.

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White light in body - check.

River meditation - check.

Pendulum meditation - check - but my eyes have to follow the pendulum from side to side!

Leaving body - check - have you ever shaken hands with yourself? Weird! Look like I can bi-locate.

Next up - chakra meditation and going for trips around the world in my alter ego.


I’m surprised…anyway, simply feel your body moving without acually moving it. The point is to ‘feel’ the movement.

practice this with your limbs, imagine your hand/arm moving away while your physcial hand is in one spot.

read robert bruce’s Astral dynamics for a bit of help you can get it free

Thanks for the advice. When I am in a meditative state after the first few exercises I do move my astral body around, and do feel it moving (quite weird) and the ‘tearing’ against my skin that Koetting describes in the course, but that’s as far as it goes. I cannot fully exit. It is as though my body is still this solid force of gravity that holds me back.

Robert Bruce’s system of energy work will help you with this.

Honestly, I think you need to work on being in a deeper state of meditation to overcome this problem. I had this issue for some time but when I quit focusing on my body and turned my astral vision else where it became very easy for me to just step out and walk to the thing that I was looking at.

So my advice is, fall into a deeper state of meditation. Do this until you can see everything in your room with your astral vision. Then simply go to the object that your looking at.

I guess it’s just a matter of over thinking the process. Just quit thinking and go…

I’ve been meaning to mention this, but somewhere along the line I forgot to.

If anyone on section 4 is having trouble with the side effects of opening their chakras, look into changing up your diet. When I first got serious about working with my chakras my Manipura was blocked. It felt like I had a rock right in my stomach right below my ribs and it sent really sharp pains throughout my stomach and lower chest. Experiencing heart burn became more frequent as well. I found that grounding myself outside barefoot in the grass, eating and drinking milk and cereal unblocked it for me or helped with the symptoms of it realigning.

Also when I was going through this, I changed my overall diet to drinking more water, eating fish and vegetables and taking a multivitamin once a day. This helped with the overall symptoms of feeling sore, drained and the feeling of being unable to concentrate on things.

From my experience with this and what I’ve learned from all of this is that a healthy diet makes the realignment process easier on you and your body.

I find picturing a big pair of bellows easier and it to tune in your breathing exhale bellows go down - inhale they ascend. I think Bardon alludes to the principle that bellows can be used.


Yesterday I saw a river rather than imagined a river - It was quite an experience to be honest there in FRONT of me was a river lol. I am a mad fisherman so I liked it. The river was at night time with a full moon, it came to me rather than me creating it what does this mean.