Mastering soul travel course

Hello, I am thinking of purchasing the soul journey course.

But I have a few questions. I live in Turkey. My English is not very advanced. Do the videos have subtitles?No need for Turkish subtitles, I can translate with English subtitles

Need an experience like advanced chakras before purchasing the course?

By the end of the course, with continued practice and effort, will I really gain the strength to master the soul journey and go anywhere on the plane I want?

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If I’m not mistaken, someone else recently asked this question about the BALG black magick course and I answered it. No, none of the courses come with subtitles. However, you can usually turn them on through the video player on your computer.

No. EA takes you through a basic chakra exercise as part of the preliminaries.

Yes. Once you learn to leave your body, you can go anywhere you like. The course provides some specific destinations though, like Master Sunham’s astral temple, where you can receive advanced lessons.

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Thanks, what is the most important factor that separates soul travel from astral travel?

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Astral travel is limited to astral plane while soul travel course covers other spiritual planes(mental plane etc) including astral. Soul travel also teaches how to meet ascended masters, Access akashic records, Astral shapeshifting.

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What are the Akashic records?

What is the difference between the Ipssimus book and the soul travel course, can’t soul travel be learned from this book?

No, Ipssimus is just story of EA Koetting It has very less practical techniques.

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Frankly, there is no difference. Projection is projection, regardless. Contrary to what some people like to claim, the terms used are pretty much interchangeable. Whether you want to call it ethereal projection, astral projection, soul flight, rising on the planes or soul travel, it’s the same technique.

Yes, Purchase It.

I am in the process of taking this course. I haven’t made much progress. BUT that’s because I’ve slacked off. But what i have been practicing, some of the meditations, have some very physical effects that I don’t usually get.

I suggest you try it, if you’re really interested in learning it.

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