Mastering Soul Travel Course and Time

I’m working my way through the Mastering Soul Travel course and I wanted to relay a curious incident and see if anyone else has had similar experiences in soul travel, working their way through the course or both.

I was at a professional development training course for my work and one of the participants was rambling on a bit so I took the opportunity to practice loosening up my subtle bodies. I heard a sound behind me outside and instead of turning my head physically to verify the source of the sound, I directed my subtle bodies to take a look. In that visioning I saw a kid in a striped T shirt riding a bike directly behind me outside. Snapping back my subtle bodies I turned my head physically to verify the impression. To my dissapointment, there was no kid in a nike with stripy T shirt. Ten minutes later I had an intuition to look again and the kid was there, exactly as I had seen him.

What does this experience say about soul travel and the nature of time (or conversely, what does it say about the nature of soul travel and time?)


Time is relative. Einstein could very well have been talking about soul travel.

Time is perceived differently in the physical body than from the soul body. It seems that from the time delay, you may have traveled minutes into the future!