Mastering evocation

Hi there. I want to know if I’m in the left hand path the Paralda évocation must be begun by the South.
Thanks a lot.

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Which direction you face has nothing to do with whether you’re Left Hand Path or not. It depends on which cardinal attribution you want to go by.

For example, the common elemental attributions are from the Golden Dawn and Aleister Crowley, who swapped the directions for Air and Fire, putting Air in the East and Fire in the South. Damon Brand, however, in his book Archangels of Magick, describes an earlier attribution that actually places Fire in the East and Air in the South.

Use the cardinal direction attribution you feel is best. When I evoked Paralda following the course, I did it in the East.


Thank you so much. To evoke a nether of Azazel, is always face to north? I think so is the correct. I think to evoke daily a nether of Azazel for 90 days, can I evoke a gatekeeper being begginer? or I must wait to be more practice to do it?

No specific cardinal attributions are given for most of the Nether Lords, but the Book of Azazel does say that a couple of them materialize in the North or Northeast, so facing that direction is probably a safe bet. Remember, though, even if the demon appears from another direction than the one you face, you can always move.

Yes, you can.

Thanks a lot. To evoke a Lucifer-Amaymon the sigil is diferent or both work to evoke to the gatekeeper? Thank you