Mastering Evocation: Section #6, 8, and 10

this thread is for the basic evocations in the course that are done on-camera.

what i want to do with this thread is a little different. i would like to come up with MY OWN greater magick method. i plan to base it on the 5-part hypnotic method i found online here ([url=][/url]), which has the following steps:
: framesetting
: induction
: deepener
: suggestion
: awakening
it is much shorter than typical hypnotism but that’s the point.

this is my foundation for now. over this i plan to try different conjuration methods and see what they lead to. some will be grimoire methods, others will be other methods i come across in other books.

once again, a link to my very first post here as a reminder to work every day and not get caught in philosophy or socializing, or succumb to idleness and procrastination: [url=][/url]