Master race

Who here believes the Aryan master race is superior to all other races?
Blonde haired, blue eyed, and of Germanic origin.

Most definitely, and many of the race have natural powers and inclinations towards the occult.

This may explain why koetting is such a powerful magician

Well there are numerous divisions of aryan races , but indoeuropean nations as a whole have rich magical tradition… But there is voodoo and jew magick…

Interesting topic. When I was a kid, I always wanted blond hair and blue eyes. But now, I’ve become quite comfortable with the black hair and hazel eyes. I am under the impression that there is a lot more going on there than we think. For instance, I’m an extremely tall dude. Tallness being another attribute of the aryans. Genetically, I wonder, could you have some of the mental and spiritual genetics passed down by the great genetic tom fuckery that has taken place probably several times throughout our history and not necessarily have the blond hair and blue eyes? Not just saying that to justify my traits, but seriously. Also, I was thinking …
The natural evolution of the native species of man on earth was jacked up with the introduction
Of foreign genetics. This, presumably being where the black and Brown hair, skin, and eyes come from. If the species would have been left alone, would they have evolved to the same superiority but with Brown and black features? If this is a possibility, what if this “awakening” business is just really the psycho-spiritual-genetic leap of the native genes into alignment with
The superior genetics. Again, not trying to rationalize my genes, but I think I’m a pretty swank mother fucker with some advanced traits (not to sound snooty or stuck on myself, so my apologies if that’s how it comes across) but I’m also, obviously, not a prime example of a pure ET BnB. Heh :slight_smile:
Also, sorry for the crazy spaces and returns, I’m posting from my phone and its being crazy. Either that, or its the native in me coming out :stuck_out_tongue: j/k. Hehe

i had red hair/hazel eyes as a young child. my hair turned into something of a ‘dirty blonde’ as i got older. soooo… since gingers are born without a soul, do my physical changes mean that I acquired a soul as I aged? Does that make me unique/superior? (i kid… i kid)

Let me clarify too, I’m definitely not racist … but there have been some pretty heavy and interesting discoveries concerning genetics and race. For example, the striations found in the muscles of native Africans are far superior to any other race. Allowing explosive and powerful movements. Whereas in the Asian world, they have, somehow bred a level of technological understanding exclusive to their genetics. The Aryan race, I believe, comes from ET genetics interbreeding with the natives of our planet. So ya, not racist, but there is definitely genetic differences, some surely to be vastly superior to others. Thought I would clarify that. However, don’t forget that you can literally rewrite your own genetic map through spiritual progression and focused meditation.

My teacher is black though, and he may very well be the strongest person I have ever met in terms of magick ability. To clarify this, I have met Dante in person, while both of them are extremely powerful my senses tell me my teacher actually may have a bit of an edge on him in power. Seriously I’m not afraid of alot of things, but I would not want to be on the wrong side of my teacher if he got mad, I would rather face an army of demons. There some factors that may grant a person greater power that can be passed down , unfortunately I am not really allowed to talk about what those factors are. From what I understand from experience they are not race exclusive though.

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I think magical power is in the soul, not the physical body.

Years ago I was taught (through Sumerian teachings) that “Black” people were the “superior” race as far as we were the race that spun out the other races. Being that we have the power of Melanin (9 ether creative force) that some people of other races lack.
I can see exactly what defectron is saying because of things I’ve witnessed, but I don’t think it’s definitely because of a “race” thing. PS. I’m not racist. I agree with Neeros comment that magical power is in the soul. Like EA has stated, “We are Gods walking the earth in the forms of men.” I should add…and women. :smiley:

What I’ve collected from what I personally consider to be more or less reliable occult sources, is that the human species was genetically engineered from various alien races, and that this ‘original race’ -if we can call it that- was black. Along the way various other alien races interbred with the original species -like the Aryans- creating the variety of races we have today. What I find specifically striking about the Aryans is not only their obvious intelligence and nack for creation and invention, but also their lust for power and conquest.

Another thing I’ve learned through the years is that in Germany there seems to be a geographical ‘triangle’ which is the birth place of many highly intelligent people (inventors, leaders) throughout history. Not only Aryans but also Jews in this case. Who knows, perhaps the Aryan aliens knew something more about what energetic structures lie underneath the surface that may be beneficial to them.

I personally have always been comfortable with my Italian looks (dark brown hair and eyes, olive complexion), even though I come from two families which are 85% Aryan. Guess it kind of matches with me always having been the ‘black sheep’ of the family LOL.

As for my taste in men however, I’ve always been a total sucker for the Aryan viking type (sorry DKM!!! Even though you look SMASHING in that vid!).

I can respect Voodoo, it is undoubtedly less structured than western magic but undoubtedly powerful as well. As for Jewish influenced magic, such as the Kaballah, it is utterly convoluted and definitely seems to be a spiritually tainted system.

As far as I know, Melanin does not equate to creativity.

Speaking from personal experience I have yet to meet a superior race of humans. Having traveled to over 50 countries and working with people from 170 nationalities I really have difficulty seeing “superiority” through physical traits alone. Traits such as “blond hair blue eyes and pale skin”. I have met geniuses and morons from many skin colors and national backgrounds. Also when I study my family tree, it looks more like an oak tree in the fall, having leaves from many nationalities, European, African, Asian and Native American. So wouldn’t the true superior race be a mixture of the races and nationalities of the world? Wouldn’t it be best to combine the knowledge, culture, and genetic qualities of all the races? Then with all of our own divine power we could shape-shift our current appearance to match whatever characteristics we desired? I also do not accept any idea or notion that stands in between myself and my own divinity!

Yeah I’m mixed myself, Japanese, German and Scottish, it’s been said I’m something of a magic prodigy (I’m actually just a beginner but have been involved in some advanced stuff), but that’s for reasons different then race, as I said those are a secret.

But yeah I’m all for choosing my own traits, when the day comes I master shapeshifting I don’t even plan to be human anymore, lets just say something new will come onto the scene that day. Though the world may not accept that as things are today, but that’s fine because I’ll push towards changing the way society works along with myself.

Tower of Babel

As far as I know, Melanin does not equate to creativity.[/quote]

Darkness, I wasn’t saying Melanin equates to creativity. Let me rephrase my statement. I was trying to state that “blacks” have melanin and are 9 ether beings. 9 ether being the “creative force” of the universe. And Kyra is right…“human species was genetically engineered from various alien races, and that this ‘original race’ -if we can call it that- was black. Along the way various other alien races interbred with the original species -like the Aryans- creating the variety of races we have today.” Blacks originate from the alien race - Annunakis. Some other races originate from Pleidians, etc.

rofl :stuck_out_tongue:
it’s all good, ya win some, ya lose some I guess :wink: heh

If there WAS such a thing as a superior race it would definitely be the INDIGENOUS AFRICAN, which by fact is the original human man/woman mother earth birthed, which all of the other races trickled after, so i would say that the african or so called “black” people would be the superior and spiritually and magickally the strongest. and the caucasian would be the weakest because they do not carry melanin in their skin and they are genetically recessive. african genes are dominant. plus i can almost guarantee you that magick itself began in africa. i mean everything else did!

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Being genetically dominant constitutes racial inferiority? And as I have said, carrying melanin is really just an aesthetic trait. If that is the entirety of your argument it is weak indeed.