Master Evocation exercises

So, I’ve got myself the course “Master Evocation:Omnipotence”, and I have a question. I was scrying in to fire with the sigil of Sastan, when I got in to the Theta Gama Sync, I observed the fire and let my magick imagination flow. Thats when I have the thought of one of my kittens getting burned by the fire, but suddenly, I started thinking on a fire kitten and then, on a black demonic strong like figure. Did I do it right?

Thank you.

You don’t think. You just see, receive in your imagination. You just let imagination do it’s thing, you don’t consciously act on it. Just like you’re between waking and dream state, you don’t consciously control your thoughts. You let them flow on their own.

What you DO control though, at a subconscious level, is INTENT. You look at the fire with the intent to see Sastan or other spirits. That’s what you EXPECT to see. But you only receive, you don’t impose your own conscious thoughts.

Hope this helps.

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Hey, thanks for the reply. So basically, I have to wait until an image of the spirit form in my head(I thought that this is what happened :P)?

Yeah you’re going to see all kinds of weird shit when you start out. Its because your brain keeps trying to get involved and constructs things that aren’t there/are of no use to you.

As Elison has stated, try and receive while thinking ‘nothing’, hard as that may sound.

Hope this makes sense lol

Ok, thanks. I’ll try harder this time.

No!!! lol If you try to force the vision it won’t come. Just relax to the point where you’re almost falling asleep, see the static in front of you and THEN pick up the sigil and begin your work.

Good luck.