Master Critical Thinking as a Black Magickian for increased evolution and success

Here are some questions based on the core skills of critical thinking. Share your toughts on the forum or generate similar questions which can strengthen our improvent on both planes.

Pact and being a Black Magickian

Is my pact ( if I have one) beneficial or harmful for me? Is it more beneficial or harmful for me or the demons? Why did I chose this pact? Would I design this aggrement in a different way today? Can I change this area of my life? Do I know how or do I need more information on this topic?
Is my role as a magickian beneficial or harmful for me? What are the beneficial sides of being a magickian? Where can I find risks, drawbacks of this path?

Am I a good or bad person? How do i want to feel about this question?

Emotional life and Everyday Moods

What kind of emotions domanite my everydays as a magickian?
Are my emotions or my mood dominantly positive or negative?
Have I met the feelings of grief, loss, depression?
Have I learned to manage them, find cure, therapy or some way to make them better?
Are there any bad habit or drug abouse that may be harmful for me because I forgot to manage these issues?

My Magick and the Physical Plane

What are the tipical magickal activities I do?
Are these beneficial for me in the short or the long term? In which way?
Is this harmful for me or my health or mental psychological wellbeing in the long term?
How do I connect that I am a magickan with my life on the physical plane. Does it appear in my clothing, communication or the decisions I chose?

Are there enough information sources gathered for myself that meet my expectations for my desired results as a magickan? Or do I need to gather more sources to find some answers to questions/problems that really bother me?
Are my goals or ambitions in the physical world affected by the fact that I am a magickian? In carrier, studies, friends, sexuality, relationships?
Is this beneficial or harmful for me in the long term?

Intimate relationships

How do I imagine myself in a realtionship if I wasn’t a black magickian? Is it different from what I am towards now? In sexuality or a normal healthy relationship? Is the path I am following harmful or beneficial for me in long term on the short term?
should I take different actions in the long term?
Is my sexuality or homosexuality different beacuse I am a magickan? Why did I make this decision and was it tought by someone else?


How do I manage my conflist with other magickians? Are my usual responses beneficial for me? Are there enough information sources for my improvement?
Can I change these conflicts in the long term to a more beneficial way for me with less harm?

If these conflicts are harmful for me, which way? Stress, emotional hurt, risk?
Do I see the power relationships, odds clearly without ego? Or do I tend to see myself a bit better then the enemy every time?

Future and longlivety

Do I often think of my future?
Can I imagine myself as a magickian 10 years late? 30 years later? 100 years later? How do I imagine myself with or without a family, carrier, being old(grandmom, granddad)?
What are the sources that can help me to create the idealistic future for myself when I get old?


Good one mate, everyone should ask these questions.Thanks :+1:

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Ego management for a Magickian

Do I tend to see myself special or superior because of my magickal abilities?

Does my perception cheat on me sometimes that I’m the only one with these abilities?

optional: Does my role as a master give me a sense of importance or do I see it as a noble duty?

Do I base my goals and results in life on manipulation, manifestation and shortcuts in an unhealthy way?

Do I tend to attach too childish ego to being evil, black magickan, darkness, wearing robes etc.?

Do I tend to make the mistake not taking in account that I have needs for love, attention, approval because I’m a (black) magickan?

Do I tend to like middle agey stuff, demonism, demon worshipping, satanism, old phrasing seen in books („thyself”, etc.)?

Pretty nice thinking.

yes for black magicians for evolution…

are you or have you been considering, that you should do all your black magick paired to opposite sex? well if not everything 85%… let me know