Massive Physical Evocation

Hi everyone, I don’t know if this idea has been commented in the forum, it’s something I would like to try after I get some experience with evocation.

The thing is, it is possible to evocate a massive physical evocation like in giant scale… in other words, in evocation you use the smoke of incense to give a medium for the spirit to manifest, so instead of a little censer, could it be use a little house (I’m talking burning it down) with lots of incense inside, a big big circle and lots of people.

I’m thinking, it if possible to do it and to manage to evoke a gigantic visible presence, could everyone would be able to see it in the smoke or around or only the people involved in the ritual?

The idea came to me like a scene of a big demon-like creature forming from the smoke of burning building, with people around looking at it…

I would like to try in a much smaller scale tho, with a small cabin perhaps in a rural area (so there would not be arson charges lol) For me the whole purpose of the ritual would be to materialize the creature for the world to see it (and for the xtians to panic)

what are your thoughts about it? has anyone performed a massive evocation ritual?

anyway, I still need more experience before planning something like that, and a small cabin, so for me is nothing more than a vague thought, I still felt it was worth sharing

I heard some ancient people used many incense and smoke the way you are asking here…

By what is teached here, it works, the difference is that it is on a larger scale.
But to the whole people to see it? I think it will depend on their clarividence level. But i dont doubt it would be possible to atleast notice that some very crazy shit is happening on that area.
This may be badass!

There doesn’t seem to be much reason to burn down a cabin other that ego masturbation. Stick with the basics and grow from there. I have done group work with a huge bonfire, why do you need to go bigger than some logs of pine? Sounds better in fantasy I suppose…

I agree with Andreeje there is no point in this kind of thing other than to stroke your own ego and to validate your beliefs to others.

First of all I doubt those not performing the ritual would be able to see the spirit.
Secondly if it were possible for a large group to behold the spirit I think that would be more detrimental to magicians everywhere than it could ever benefit.

Lets use the example provided of scaring some Christians. If they do not behold the materialization then they’d likely say God stopped it or their prayers stopped he evil magicians. If it does materialize and they can witness it now you’ve likely rallied all the Christians as well as any other fear mongering religion/agency of control together to attack the occult in essence causing a new Witch Hunt.

Magick and the occult sciences are for those who seek, those who do not need not be aware of our potential and power. I never heard of a magician being saved from torture or being burned at the stake by the spirits he worked with. To know, to will, to dare and to keep silent.

I always envisioned one day I would evoke Cthulhu in the early morning fog in Port Phillip Bay, standing atop a Melbourne sky scrapper waving a staff around like a mad person. That would be HUGE.
I don’t know that anyone else would see it though, but in Evoking Eternity EA does say that evoking gods can cause some weird atmospheric and environmental manifestations

As silly as must sound, I did not think about making a fire with logs, so yeah, that is definitely better that burning down a property (depending on who is the owner anyway…).

I see your point andre and wandering, although I would like for more people to get involve in the black arts, or the magickal arts in general I have the feeling that the general reality would become a lot more malleable that way, a lot more than is already anyway. It is healthier to keep it for our own.

Soundwave, a few months ago I started to dreams with tornados, also I had two astral experiences involving a ritual performed by a woman in an island I can locate near cuba or something, the result was lots of tornados or hurracain -don’t know the difference- everywhere in the ocean and in a place I think was Argentina… anyway… a few weeks back a big tornado destroyed a town in my country, what is so special about that? well first that in my country there ain’t tornados or alike, because of the wind currents and the andes mountains and stuff… for me it was definitely some kind of magickal work, it wasn’t physical evocation precisely but, it may come to same results don’t you thing? but I’m getting off the topic here

thnks for the opinion guys.

by the way, since I saw those southpark chapters with coon and friends, Cthulhu has somehow changed in my mind lol, It would probably be a good Idea to work with it to catch a glimpse of its true colors