Mass Killing With Magick : A Thought Experiment, Nothing More

All is one, as ancient Eastern scripture teaches, and as many a mystic and mage has experienced.

And we are all one with the source of ALL life, therefore all life emanates forth from us.

Therefore, killing some bastards, in large or small numbers, and provided you do it with magick to affirm you’re acting as a god and not a mere ape, is like blowing your nose - removal of self-created but unwanted material.

Anyone care to debate this, for or against, using any accepted magickal or metaphysical theory, or any reasonably coherent idea based on experience?

(This is not a working thread so arguing against the idea is fine, like I said, it’s just a thought experiment.)

Just for fun, I thought it might be a change from being lectured about peace and love and powerlessness by every other source possible. :slight_smile:


Well, the thought is intriguing. I lost a very close friend of mine as a child to a rapist and murderer. I’ll be lying if I said I didn’t fell vindictive.


Sorry to hear that! Legit case for baneful magick, for sure.


I have a lot of friends that went through child abuse. Definitely was livid with the parents id say that’s a good case for death spells.


Thanks, uh I nearly forgot. I also lost my sight on me one eye. A band of migrants beat me up for being a native to my own country.

Now I’m not saying I would want them killed. But it would be quite satisfying if they also lost sight on the same eye as me. And Eye for an Eye aye…?


Like cursing, don’t do it to accomplish something else. Be honest with yourself, you want them dead because you want them dead. The reasons for doing it are baggage, and will get in the way.


No, people like that need to die. They are a sadistic, malevolent, and imminent threat to innocent lives. People here in the LHP talk of subjective morality but we must also remember that we are a race of beings, who share an existence. Sadistic torment of innocent, well meaning people should be weighed as murder of the race.

I’d participate in this mass death curse with you on such people. If you’d be up for something like that, you’d have a faithful ally with you.


I’l thank you for the support in me. But i’l be honest, I’m abit of a “mean” person. If I want someone to die, I want it to be slow and painful.


There are spirits who delight in that, in fact it’s a common complaint that they take longer and have too much “fun.” :smiley:


The furies. The Crones of Hades. Eternal pursuers of vengeance even towards the tried offenders in Hades under his direct order.


Those that choose the path of being a POS would do us all a favor if they would kindly return to the earth. Since nobody like that would willingly return their bodies to the earth, it would be a service to mankind to help them get there.

We need the air, water, food and room. It would be a disservice to humanity if we didn’t snuff out the filth.


I’ll bet they love my dank dark memes saved on my iPhone😍


Oh my, Freja knows that I’ll got a little too sinister smirk on my face right now.


Sprits LOVE memes, they exist on a similar liminal level within the mind! :slight_smile:


I’m making friends already!


Sheogorath wouldn’t complain about seeing some order restored. I just hope that the Shisha lounges will still stay.


When I’m not being a living goddess, I moonlight as a Holy Virgin devotee of Kek, God of memes (virgin as in, never had sex with a frog) so dank memes from which Frog Gods hop forth are an important part of my spiritual sustenance.

This is getting a tad off-topic - can we maybe take it to a new thread, or PMs or something?

It’s meant to be a lighthearted thought experiment, though I’m honoured that you have shared this experience and I definitely think there’s reason for people to assist you in seeking revenge, one of the nobler pursuits of higher life-forms.


Count me in on the death project btw


I did a light divination session with Asmoday a couple months ago asking how I could develop great strength (become Invincible) Magick-wise. It was basically “focus on steady improvement. You lack discipline”. I asked if the military would be an appropriate choice for such development. “I got a strong yes”. Orobas also willingly led me to an army vet where we discussed life and my consideration of the military. I got nothing but encouragement. So I am.

While I’m in. I’ll be actively working to be stationed in Europe, where necromancy will become my god-path. Feel free to ask me for assistance in evocation projects & Magick in general if you must. I’m a beginner but I have rather intense mood swings due to anxiety. I intentionally stopped taking meds because I figured out emotions are a powerful conduit in Magick.


I love thought experiments, anyone ever plan out a murder? There’s a around 50 different ways you can get caught and mess up a crime scene, if you can think of 25 of them, congratulations your a genius. :wink:

Magically speaking it’s an efficient way of proving once and for all to oneself just how much power they can really call forth, a thrilling and possibly horrific experience that many seem unwilling to even consider let alone engage in, makes me wonder if it’s really the idea of killing that bothers them so much, or truly finding out that yes indeed they really are that powerful. :thinking:

And also theoretically if one wishes to be successful at magick mass killing that a concept like guilty and innocent must be abandoned, no different then dropping a bomb on a city to end a war, or start one, ethics are irrelevant when this kind of magick is decide upon. :skull_crossbones: