Mass Harvesting of Prayer Energy

Most of us here have grown up with abrahamic religion being forced down our throats either by parents of by the culture we grew up in. Well I have decided to take advantage of a situation that most of us would agree isn’t a positive thing. I will be setting up massive thought forms above churches in my area that will be collecting energy from the prayers of the people there. It will be my own little way of fighting back but without using physical violence which is useless to a sorcerer. So I would invite as many as it pleases to do the same, to set up a thoughtform to feed on the prayers of the abrahamics. I have been stockpiling energy for this cause and this Sunday my plan will come to fruition. I hope you will join me!

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will you also filtering that energy?

I had a very nice “drink” one time from the Catholic Mother Church in central London, lovely golden blue as I recall and very juicy. This seems like a worthwhile endeavour and I prefer targeting individual buildings, but if you create anything to represent the thoughtform I’ll be happy to drop it in various buildings as I pass them. :slight_smile:

Thank you Lady Eva! The place that I currently live is filled with Catholics and Mormons. I have only fed from the Mormon churches here but the energy is powerful but I try to filter this energy which needs no explanation if you have met a Mormon lol. I’m working on a sigil for the thoughtform which is still being tested. I’ll post more results and hopefully a sigil when I have it.

Can someone explain how do you purge?

[quote=“, post:8, topic:8138”]Can someone explain how do you purge?[/quote] To purge yourself chakra cleansing is the way to go but purging energy can be done with a thoughtform who purifies it for you or you can draw it into your third eye and imagine it swirling around there and when you feel that it is purged you can imagine and feel it spread to the rest of your body.