Masonic Left Hand Path

I am a 32˚ Master Mason. Seek to find other Masons here on the Left Hand Path. PM me if you would care to privately network and exchange information on subjects of interest.

Hi and welcome, brother.

Thanks for the welcome. This is an amazing site to be sure. Sent you a PM.


How different would be the masonic-style lhp from the ‘regular’ one?

Not much really. But Masonic LHP practitioners are rarer than you might believe. In many ways it’s like trying to silently find one in your local Roman Catholic Church. Yes, a LHP participant may very well be at a Masonic Lodge - but hard to find nonetheless. With rare exception, almost all Masons are RHP.

Being a Mason on the LHP, is for me the same as holding fraternal bonds in any type of organization one can belong to, but still having a set of Deity and operational empowerment beliefs most of the members would not agree with.

It’s simply good to meet other LHP persons who happen to be Masons, who share the LHP we walk on - when and where I can.

I believe you, every masonic book Ive ever skimmed in the book stores have this flavour. But many of them talk about man regaining his divinity, so in a sense they are LHP, no?

Welcome btw!

[quote=“Diazin, post:6, topic:4847”]I believe you, every masonic book Ive ever skimmed in the book stores have this flavour. But many of them talk about man regaining his divinity, so in a sense they are LHP, no?

Welcome btw![/quote]

Thanks for the welcome here. To be able to come to a place and openly discuss the LHP and meet others on it, is only a recent luxury afforded to us in this day and age. I send my respects to E.A. for creating it.

I can only speak for myself, but I think your right about your observations.

From my vantage point, which is one of study and trying to make sense of it all - it’s an interesting and curious situation with the history of the Masonic order. ( Certainly the further back the history, the more dangerous it was to be on the LHP. )

On one hand, the most respected Masonic men of the past have all written works, carved monuments and painted works of art to leave behind for others to read and follow full of RHP remarks, beauty and apparent guidance…

But on the other hand, after a careful reading or study… the object reveals very LHP clues and views. Unknown to the common Man (or Mason for that matter) are the esoteric names, places and concept titles that I have come to believe are dropped as tell-tale markers to help the seeker retrace the true intent of the author or artist. The subtle points of reading comprehension and art appreciation becomes difficult, unless a stack of books is on hand to help you. Obvious ones like a dictionary of course, but others less thought of as well help me a great deal.

I tend to think the elders of the order intentionally veiled LHP views, rituals and instructions in scattered documents, required memorizations and common symbols found in every lodge. The puzzle pieces are there, and once the parts are laid out… The true image becomes clearer(?)

This was how I found the LHP long ago. But I have since asked myself “why the well concealed deception?”

Perhaps they believed that to state the LHP bluntly would be a mistake based on two things.

1.) Self Preservation: The RHP Elite would know who they were and make an example of them by killing them for heresy. (The history of the Church speaks for itself and I think this is a given.)

I know that the higher I have risen in the membership, the more brushes with the esoteric I have had. But the information is much like the Grimoires of old, filled with Jewish / Christian concepts placed in front of me like stop signs or immovable boulders in the freeway of thought. (This seems to me to be only a very carefully placed “sense of self preservation” camouflage.) And…

2.) Elitism: Some might feel that only those who seek knowledge truly deserve a chance to have it.

Now I’m not so sure about this second knee-jerk prejudice argument because it does not fit with what I have experienced, and your observations mirror mine in that…

Masons appear to me to be a fraternity of RHP men, who practice in rituals hidden LHP lessons without giving it much deep or true thought.

And to the question are most RHP Masons typically and sincerly trying to be “better men”… and yet are simply oblivious to the LHP they travel or the strange irony at hand? There is no doubt in my mind that is true.

But, if the Elitism argument is wrong… then perhaps there is another more generous possibility. One that follws the logic of “a sense of self preservation” and answers the reasons for the hidden meanings being concealed in the first place.

-Perhaps these LHP Masonic founders were taking the RHP masses as they found them, then of the handfull of men who petitioned for membership, these were then very slowly introduced to the hintings of the heretical knowledge of their own potential and powers - one small step (or degree) at a time. Most of these men would still never be able to make the connection and realize the truth regarding the Church and the RHP. But then again some of them just might. I know this is true of me.

If this is so, I am grateful. It seems to me that this rather fault filled process, built for the constraints and dangers of the past may have arguably been the most compassionate action a LHP follower could do for his fellow man… and still not burn at the stake for it.

This is an interesting thread and I am enjoying your posts. It seems that the higher one goes up the Masonic pyramid the more likely one would find LHP values in individuals in the more elite ranks. The drive to self-empowerment and power in general, wealth, and things that exalt an individual above the status quo and mediocrity seem to me LHP values anyway. Sure they may do altruistic things like donate to charities and perform various other types of services while wearing the RHP face but my point is the higher you go the more wealthy and powerful the members are. Is this correct? For someone to excel to these levels it seems by default they would have to possess a more LHP drive than RHP. Does this make sense? Do you agree or disagree? Take Bill Gates, at one time the richest man in the US if not still. He has probably donated more money to charity than any single individual but yet has often been demonized (no pun intended) for ruthlessly trying to monopolize aspects of the software industry. I can see both left and right hand behaviors in someone like him so maybe it could be said some walk a third middle path? In forums and arenas like this it is easy to categorize right vs left, black or white, while not really considering a middle ground or balance between both. But I’m digressing here. I think you are probably spot on with there being undercurrents of LHP and many members not being aware. Having finally broke out of my RHP programming I embrace the LHP wholeheartedly and see it as a truly natural human path to traverse. We’ve just been socially conned and conditioned by the Abrahamic religions for so long its definitely like trying to swim upstream against an onslaught of masses swimming the other direction.

Actually the issue of money and wealth has no direct bearing on the qualifying for leadership status of a member, BUT you are right… the values of LHP tend to make us leaders and self empowered people in general, thus at higher levels in ANY organization you are more likely to find wealth, spare income and spare time to spend on the effort as well.

Lady Eva has a post here discussing taking on a business venture and something not working out as hoped for. It happens, but being who she is she gave it a solid effort. Thats LHP values at the core. Success is sure to find her.

But from what I have seen most RHP people never take the shot even if given the ball. The sad fact is, in my opinion - that a life of quiet desperation affords little time for self empowerment and acts of charity. But the saddest part is that the devout follower of the RHP undermines the his or her own acts of self empowerment and ensures the desperation will continue.

RL, I have heard that once you reach 32 degrees you aren’t told any big secret, is this true?

I heard once you reach 32 degrees you have to find the secrets in all of the degrees yourself, that they are carefully hidden within the different rites of the degrees, and that the secrets themselves are so allegorical that one could easily become a 32 degree Mason and 99% of the secrets could have gone over their heads due to the nature of the secrets, hidden in plain sight with not only allegories but within the Occult symbols used by Masons.

I’m not anti-Mason by any means, I know a few Masons myself and they are good people, but as you say they are likely RHP. I know they are likely clueless about the Occult symbols and hidden meanings of those symbols.

I’d say most Masons are clueless of the secrets of the symbols they use, but this is just a guess.

As for me- 3/14/32 AM&FM (and working toward 95 APRMM). I find masonry, regardless of its neutrality claims; a crock. I was always disturbed by the overt Judeo christian undergirding and overarching. With the shriner gig (I am an islam hater since 72) beyond. i wanted my wife to go OES so we could at least have something together- then I read the rituals. It was bad enough judeo christianity was in vomitus flames I could scarcely endure- of which the past 20 years of ministry (40 total) became a sin unto itself. but the OES rituals were so vile against the Reason of Humanity, the Dignity of Intelligence- and the Indescribable Demeaning of Glorious Womanhood- that before i showed them to my wife I just told her; “We don’t want this”. Damn near burned my bible- i read that 100 times- but not until i saw them in the ritual did i scream- I really did"WHAT THE FUKNING FUK!!!" The racism totally freaked me out. the sexism was just annoying ignorance.
Even though I was functionally a Buddhist and love tibetan buddhism- I did manage to wiggle through the 3 questions to become a KT- which was exciting until i saw that histerical- silly ass uniform- by the time I walked out I felt ‘Dirty’ and like a cathlobaptist. The wine drinking was great- but that was about it— all denials of the event cleverly made by whoever.
i was head of all the YR bodies- that story sucks.
Being a scottish rite- in my mother lodge which was a premier hub lodge in missouri, Truman used to hang there with his VBF- who he sent to restart masonry in germany. At some point before I got there, the YR- I mean The Lords Rite- waged a campaign against the SR. so I was one of 2 left.
Making a friend of a WM from a prince Hall lodge- cost me my seat in the east- which ‘election’ violated so many bylaws and rules- like the Secretary calling across the lodge who to write in for each ballot and how to spell it- which was all preplanned- as i was not informed- and was the only vote in every chair for someone else.
When i moved- 2 weeks later the Sec. suspended me for lack of dues- without warning. When I asked the GM to help straighten the situation out for me- as I not only had to pay my dues but be Revoted back in— he wrote a letter to the other Grand Chairs informing them they could “help this asshole if they wanted to” hint hiint.
I love masonry- the real one; the coup of 1717- is a beast.

Want to read a real revealing of why it is what it is? read Secret Society of moses by Barbiero. It will in careful detail prove it is a jewsih Priesthood under christian clothing organisation- amazing book.

my sons who are members of the same lodge- and were not allowed to vote- by bylaws they can; but as they were in the military- one in combat the other burying the fallen at Arlington, somehow they could not be informed of the ‘election’ so their votes could not be, but when they heard what happened- I doubt I will ever see them in lodge again- all that training and teaching of Honor, Virtue, and the Glorious Masonic Experiment Called America- powder in the wind. Thanks “Brother” Larry.

And lets not forget “Prince Hall Masons are ‘real masons’, but we don’t meet with them because we don’t want to give people the wrong impression”. 3 cheers for Chiggerfest !!!

I look foreward to a Real LHP Demonolatry if need be Clandestine Masonry- I would love to create a "Irregular and Clandestine Grand Lodge of Freemasonry. And instead of that bogus Book on the Alter- put
Van Nostrands Scientific Encyclopedia. and have the Demons as messangers of Science Truth Fact and Tradition, Building a Temple of Truth to carry humanity to the cosmos to commune with our other family members out there. instead of idleising a building which was abandoned by it own “God” because it was not built to stand the test of time- like say- The Great Pyramid? Gobekli Tepi- BaalBek, Anything in India.
Anyone wanna build???

Based on my experience, your information is 100% accurate.

As an short allegory of my experience over 18 years in the Masonic order, and as to what any LHP person in the Masonic order might find? Consider this -

Imagine yourself at a Christian based social and networking event with other guests, which is being held inside a museum like garden. Despite the grandeur of the garden, those around you are totally engrossed in each other. All but you, appear perfectly happy to eat, drink and socialize about a Jewish God. But you? You look at the statues in the garden and see that they “one and all” point to the North.

You look North and see a path that leads you deeper into the garden and away from the oblivious guests. You find your feet leading you away from the party, which for the most part goes unnoticed. Your friends and fellows have always found you less sociable and curious, so your wandering off is not too unusual.

Alone now, you follow the path and discover more beauty of course, as it is lavish as hell - but you also see fountains with vague instructions of seeking “He who resides in the North”, “The Morning Star” and “The Light Bearer.” Clues and poems that take you further down the path and down darker, maze like hedges abound.

Of course you see the “Do Not Trespass” signs carefully placed everywhere, but you ask yourself - if the owner of the garden didn’t WANT you to explore why leave all of the damn clues and small informational rewards urging you to do just that?! Clues that cause you to suspect that the party was a polite RUSE to get you into the garden in the first place and start you on this quest.

So you continue the search and at each followed trails end a minor reward of a “degree” of knowledge is gained, but if you have questions of real substance - only the still grey stone faces of the statues hear them and they will never reply. Dead ends abound, and you realize that often you are walking great distances only to find yourself back where you started. No wise old man steps out of the shadows and acts as your mentor.

Frustrated, you then briefly try returning to the party and seeking guidance from the hosts assigned to manage the gathering, and you quickly realize that this is futile… as none there have ventured out of the comfort of the well lit patio and looked into the garden for themselves. Nor does anyone seem to know if an exact map of the garden exists. If so? you know deep in your gut they don’t have it.

No… If you are going to find answers, then you must delve deeper for yourself, and ignore the warnings not to dare wander further.

And yet, while seeking those answers you hope to meet some other intrepid and curious soul out on the path. You realize that he may not know more than you do, but his company would be appreciated if for no other reason than the discussions you might have about the garden and its clues.

In the end, you hope to find a clearing someday, filled with others who have made the same journey before you, all seeking the Northern Star. But a gnawing like certainty of knowledge causes you to suspect…with good reason, that if you make it past the Gate Keepers and find that place - only the reward of knowing the truth, self empowerment… and the “Light Bearer” himself will be on hand to greet you.

As for me, I suspect that this taboo trinity - combined with a good death, is its own rich reward.

[quote=“Frater Dark Matter, post:11, topic:4847”]"-I look foreward to a Real LHP Demonolatry if need be Clandestine Masonry…"

"- I would love to create a “Irregular and Clandestine Grand Lodge of Freemasonry. And instead of that bogus Book on the Alter- put Van Nostrands Scientific Encyclopedia and have the Demons as messangers of Science Truth Fact and Tradition, Building a Temple of Truth to carry humanity to the cosmos to commune with our other family members out there. Anyone wanna build???”[/quote]

SIX things I know after reading your post.

  1. You ARE a Mason.

  2. You have EVERY right to be angry at being deprived of your hard won chair in the East. Being the Master of a Lodge is no small feat. Having it taken from you for socializing with an unrecognized “Prince Hall Mason” (or PHM) is pure BS (For those who don’t know that PHM term, it’s the Honorable Name of an unchartered and unauthorized lodge made up of Black Masons who were unwelcome prior to the 1970’s in regular Masonic halls. Men who banded together and formed a “Clandestine Lodge” reflecting who they were. Not who Grand Lodge wanted them to be. ) That you were actually expelled(?!) as the Master of your Lodge for simply associating with a PHM is shameful racism in the extreme. You have every right to be righteously indignant and to be proud to have stood your ground.

  3. You have every right to be frustrated over internal squabbling. A virtual political power war between the York Rite and Scottish Rite that kills membership in your area is petty-defeatist-mental-masterbation.

  4. Your opinions reflect your experience that the organization IS INDEED out of step with contemporary times. Racism, Sexism, and more are just old news. MOST larger lodges, certainly those on the West Coast don’t adhere to practices like that. But it still happens as you can attest.

  5. Your feelings of detest with the Jewish avalanche of doctrine in the order are understandable. This offensive RUSE to hide the LHP teaching, while well intended for the times in the past to hide the LHP from RHP retaliation - are simply not needed today.

and finally…

  1. A Clandestine Lodge of like minded LHP Masons? - I agree.

Your sacrifices for your beliefs have my respects… and you have mail in your inbox.

I have been tempted to join Masonic lodges in the past but was held back by such things as mentioned in these posts. I would definitely like to see some development in this area.

So how does one join masons? I know one from Canada which is across the ocean from me and the local lodge didn’t reply to my email after they’ve asked me for my phone number. I was always interested in the masons but around here they are very few and their connections with the official masonic lodge are a bit dubious.

For the most part you just ask a local lodge. For most lodges the process continues on to the next phase where you are visited by up to three Masons who will ask you some questions and get to know you a little better. And so on. Eventually they’ll have enough information to decide if you are in good standing and may put it to a vote.

That’s oversimplifying things but I think you get the point.

One thing you may wish to consider in 'finding a lodge to join" , is, what kind of masonry are you looking for. And in doing so; the search will expose you to what is little less than juvinile schoolyard Namecalling and adolescent oneupmanship- though of a higher pseudischolarly kind.
I keep trying to hit the keyboard and write a piece called “So- you want to be a Freemason ?” not an anti-piece; but a piece which will address the real nuts and bolts of masonry carefully or ignorantly avoided until after the Person gets his 3rd degree.
For instance- though they say ‘All freemasons are Brothers and we can go to any state and instantly have Friends and Brothers’- and they counts X million world wide, the truth is; there are several branches of Freemasonry- everybit as legit- if not moreso than the “Public and Accepted” shown on tv, which areconsidered not Masonic and which if you were a mason (Regular and Accepted) and were found in one of the “blacklisted lodges” [yes, they will hand you a list of masonic lodges and grand lodges you ARE allowed to hang with] For the most part the following kinda get along ok;
AF&AM (ancient free and accepted-ancient being more of an oneupman name than reality), F&AM (free and accepted) and PH (prince Hall- black lodges which are in some states still considered ‘clandestine and irregular’.
most all of these american lodges will agree and tell you “Women cannot be made masons and to shun any who claim so”; just don’t go to England where the Grand Lodge of England has chartered Female only lodges and say that.
Then, there are Female only lodges in the US, these you are forbidden to meet and work with(even talk about unless in disparaging words)
Then are large and growing Co-Mason movement- male and Female lodges. if you look, you will find them.
Then there are the APRMM (Ancient Primitive rite of memphis misraim) about the most hated of all - due to their 95 degree; they are called ‘spurious’ except- well, when you research where the Scottish Rite 33 comes from- then ‘spurious’ becomes namecalling since that is where the SR rites come from.
The big axe to hit the stone come with the “Grand Orient”. you know that- “masons have to believe in God” thingy. Well, GO’d do not require it, if you do fine, if not fine. Usually a mason will feverishly retreat to “Andersons Consistituions” where it says a “mason will not become a ‘stupid atheist’-(Anderson was a women hating preacher of his day btw); but a fuller reading does not really read that ‘Deism’ is a pre-Requirement for membership- just that by serious study of the principles one would not Become"a stupid atheist”, kinda sets up the platform for “Educated Scientific Atheist” if you can get that far in the discussion.
My son called me the other day asking if he could still pay his dues and be accepted into the lodge if he was a Satanist- o the fun we are going to unleash !

So i say- YES, definetly find a lodge system which meets your future path outlines and petition; and work it good and enjoy. [although if you see GO of USA, even I draw the line- you want more than 12 people in the country to 'meet and work with-imo]
i can send you directions to find systems if you need.
good luck

Grand Orient was the one I attempted to join. Do you know what happened to them? They seemed to have fell off the earth. But from what I heard at the time they failed to get recognition from France and due to a lot of hatred from other lodges they just couldn’t spread out. If I wanted to join I’d have to occasionally visit a lodge in Ohio or attend some kind of internet lodge which personally takes a lot out of the experience.

Invite only (complicated selection type process involved) if it’s the same there as it is here.

I’ma 32 Degree ‘Demitted’ Master Mason. All my lodge work occured in my early 20’s. It was all interesting, however most of the elderly men are there just for socializing purposes. I am aware that Albert Pike, a great contributer to much of the degree work for Scottish Rite Freemasonry was a well known Luciferian. He makes reference to Lucifer in his “Morals and Dogma”. I find it curious looking back that in my lodge we had a picture of Baphomet hanging on the wall near the Tiler.