Masonic Hand Signs aiding in Evocation rites 🤔

Hey all I recently saw a video of VK Jehannum in which he was talking about that he saw a video of the youtuber lucifer’s primordial flame. VK said that Eli was talking about a evocation hand sign that suppose to increase the manifestation of a spirit.

I checked the channel of Eli but did not found the video.
Anyhow this the gesture, got somebody any Intel on this?

I dont have sight and hearing yet.
Could somebody try it out and report back?



Also seems like GDs sign of Philosophus… potentially worth looking into?


Very interesting. Hope this conversation attracts the right contributors.
I recently watched the Movie “Occult Forces” on Bitchute and noticed that a person
I know tried the Freemason hand sign on me (possibly to check if I am part of a lodge).

LOL. I didn’t know what he was doing back then. I’m aware that’s not what you’re talking about here though.


It’s a manifestation mudra in Qi Gong


As much as i know it means manifestation
I use this in some meditations


Me too

But I think… those who are Freemasons keep things like their grips and signs secret within their order

So google will possibly confirm more

@Rav manifestation mudra makes sense


I believe you can find a lot of secret symbols in movies, documentaries,
then need to do your own research.
Illuminati Freemasons also love to post symbols in plain sight as it somehow makes them feel superior (we are all blind and they possess the all seeing eye lol).

F.ex. checkered floors seem to be used in all lodges, representing the link between different dimensions : As Above so Below, Light and Darkness and Checkered Floors could possibly increase the power of a Ritual. (David Lynch uses a similar floor in the demonic lodges of Twin Peaks ).
They also use a lot of checkered floors in Ritualistic Music Videos.

Other Movies with strong ritualistic symbolism are

Conan the Barbarian
Eyes Wide Shut
Twin Peaks
Dragon (by Stuart Gordon)

There are a lot more.

This are some videos on the topic


And this is a very interesting hand sign to look into which i have also noticed is being used in Freemasonry
From Conan the Barbarian

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Qigong does not have “mudras” which are Indian while qigong is Chinese. Don’t mix traditions and confuse people, this makes no sense.

You’re probably thinking of yoga.


EA uses this in his morning Sun gazing meditations which came from when he was trying out Kurtis Koseph’s system in Black Magick of Ahriman, but it’s older than that.
It’s a staple in western occultism as the triangle of manifestation, also drawn on the ground.

It’s used by mason as a symbol of being one of them.

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I loved twin peaks and fire walks with me.


I might be wrong but does the movie eyes wide shut represent what Jeffrey Epstein, royals and elite family are doing?? The mansion from that movie belonged to the Rothschilds if I’m not mistaken , I just started doing research minutes ago but I rarely could find any on YouTube , got to dig deeper… would be great if you could share things !


I guess every professional football player is evoking now…
Anyways it may help your superficial mind because its used for evocation. Guys go to the gym in fancy gym clothes with gloves or durags. I dont think it affects their lifts that much but maybe to them its a big deal. I think if you like it do it but if you cannot summon demons with your words of power or current abilities dont expect to see them just cuss you put your hands up…


theirs a place for mudras, i use several for specific reasons when the time seems appropriate or as a physical way of keeping mental focus, as a method of “holding” energy while doing other things, converting one type of energy into another, etc. like any correspondents the associations between the gesture and the energy have to be entwined through repetition of practice.

i would advice anyone interested in learning this to first start with mudras that are associated with chakras, and within kundalini yoga the mental visualization required to move stir the prana; mudras will help in such a practice and a solid understanding how they can be used beyound said practice will be achieved.

i’ve also found this to be a good practice for those interested in working with energy in general, having the ability to manifest specific energy not through imagination but by physical gestures is a benefit. also in time you learn to use mudras intuitively outside of the religious correspondences and branch them out into more akin to energy work.