Masks of Power v.s. External Forces

As you know I started out on the LHP as a theistic satanist but over the years through personal experience my opinions and thoughts about the essence of spirits has changed drastically. I no longer believe that these “beings” or “entities” exist outside of myself, meaning that they exist hidden within my subconscious mind or inner space as an aspect of myself or as latent powers.

Since I started approaching these spirits as masks of power during my evocations I have found that it’s much easier to bring the results I desire to fruition compared to clinging on to hope, believing that some external force would see me worthy and give me the things I desire.

My question is since the LHP incorporates many understandings, what would you consider to be the pros and cons of approaching a spirit as a Mask of Power that’s hidden within the magician’s subconscious mind v.s. approaching a spirit as an autonomous being that exists outside of the magician’s subconscious mind?

I’m just curious to hear your thoughts on this topic because people tend to gravitate towards one side or the other concerning this subject and you’re like an opened book when it comes to understanding these things from all angles. I think what you’d have to share on this topic would save a lot of newer people from some serious confusion when approaching different systems that utilize evocation as a foundation to receive gnosis and material gain.

Sure it all comes down to what works for the magician but surely one side or the other has the potential to bring the magician better results because in my opinion worshiping these beings is kind of limiting and cliche in a Christian sense, being that you’re trading one demiurge for another. So if they truly do exist as aspects of the magician’s mind wouldn’t worshiping these beings leave room for epic failure since people become their own enemies all the time?