Masculine spell on a female

So I am female but I’ve been thinking about putting a masculine spell on myself, I’m not transgender and I like my female body but I feel comfortable acting like a man but i am pretty balanced with my female and masculine sides but I like women so it wouldnt be much of a difference, I actaully kinda act like a dude already and I think like a pervy old man :sob::joy_cat:, I am asking for your opinions about the matter because I dont know if I should do it. Thanks

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I say go for it if its your wish

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Being in a kinda-sorta similar boat, I sympathise. I was always a tomboy and getting more so, for personal reasons that no longer exist, and after a big soul fragment clear out (aka pseudo death aka rebirth experience) this attracted a very masculine walk-in about 3 years ago that gave me that dude-stuck-in-a-female-body feeling. I switched to mens clothes and considered top surgery.

I guess that walk-in could have a similar effect to a good masculinising spell? … But in my case that walk-in slowly integrated and I came back to center, and then back to feeling female again.

With that, I found just being masc got boring after a couple of years, and I like having my options open, generally. I feel less limited and can go with the flow day to day if I keep it where I could go either boyish or feminine.

I would say - clothes maketh the man. Box up all your femme clothes you don’t intend to wear for a bit and try that on for size first without discarding them. It was annoying for me to have to repurchase things I’d got rid of even though it was years ago.

Then if that feels good try the spell. You can always undo it if you change your mind. I find some spells that are affecting organic situations could also wear off and need redoing from time to time, causing strife when you haven’t noticed that it wearing off is an issue yet.

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Thank you for your insight! I already wear men clothes though haha, I took my dads clothes and now I just put them into my own style. Also a fun fact about me I smell like a man, when I sweat I mean like, I smell like an old man, old mens cologn (women love it though lol) but now I am going to try out that spell one of these days :slightly_smiling_face: