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Hello everyone,
Today I was wondering if it’s possible to summon spirits of different martial arts teacher such as Ip Man, Bruce Lee and Hatori Hanzo to teach me martial arts. I am not asking if they can grant these abilities out of nothing and boom I am ninja. I love the hard work but in my town there are only karate, taekwondo, bjj and mma.
I train taekwondo but I don’t think my parents have that much money to pay for one more martial art. And I want really want to learn Wing Chun. I have also Tao of Jeet Kun Do by Bruce lee. So is it possible to summon before me some of these teachers to teach me and show me techniques or I must to go in the astral plane and learn then. I have several courses of Wing Chun BTW.


First thing is if you can’t astral project your senses must be very very good, and vision must be very clear for this journey.

If only you know those Teachers name, yeah, you can call them for help, but will they answer you? Indeed if you call out their name someo5or something will show up claiming he is whom you call. I’m saying you should be very good in, be it Invocation or evocation, to carry out operation like this, else you’ll just keep roaming around or get visited by imposter and you would be thinking you’re making progress.

Do not use the Art of Necromancy here, call them normally as you would call a Goetic Spirit. But if you would use Necromancy, only request that he bestows you one of his servant who will teach and help you master Martial Art.

All this aside, among the Goetia, there are Demons who can help you with Martial Art. There are Angels and other Spirits who does this.

You should know that Martial Art is bigger than just throwing punch and kicks, there are secret there. That’s why it’s called an Art.


Thanks for the reply, no my senses are not that good, maybe. And I know martial arts are more than just throwing punches and kick, that’s why I want to summon these masters to teach me the secrets of martial arts. Btw In tao of keeter kun do at the end of the book there is the signature of bruce lee, can I use it as a sigil.


Yes, I would add to @luxfero’s post. You should work on trying to get a god or goddess, entity, w/e to teach you a new martial art. One that the world hasn’t seen yet. With spiritual secrets. That would be amazing.


The Japanese spirits known as Tengu are said to possess great skill in the martial arts. Many great warriors claimed to have learned their skills from the Tengu, and the founders of several martial arts traditions, including Aikido, also claimed to have been given the knowledge by the Tengu. If you are looking for a more Western parallel to these spirits, Lucifer seems to fit the archetype.

Now with that being said, there is no substitute for a good dojo. You need other people to practice with and help you correct your technique. The spirits will improve everything about the learning experience and speed things up, but you do need that physical presence to ensure that you aren’t just making stuff up or forming bad habits (such as moves inspired more from kung-fu movies than real effective fighting techniques).

It is possible to refine your skills with astral projection and lucid dreaming, and even just in your imagination (this is well-known among extremely high-level musicians), but you need a solid foundation before you can do this. Maybe you don’t, and if you experience otherwise then let us know, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up. You will get better results with all of your training if you focus on really honing and refining your skills in one or two traditions, anyways.

Besides, it sounds like you are still quite young. You have your entire life ahead of you to train and attain great prowess in the martial arts. If you focus on taekwondo for now, the skills that you gain will help with any future martial art that you learn. This is your first arc, the first among many. It will lay the foundation for all the rest that is to come. Make the most of it.


I agree with getting another deity to help you


There are many deities who can help you. Susanoo would be a good deity to teach you Japanese Martial Arts. Guan Yu can teach Chinese Martial Arts. Ares, Mars, Muruga and many Norse Gods can also help. Working with Lugh helped me in a tournament and since he rules over skills he can help you too. Be very specific with what you want though.

Since Shaolin Kung Fu was based on Animal movements, maybe calling totem animals can help (I plan on experimenting with this).

Also if you can’t afford lessons for another Martial Art, learn online. Kinda like how Iroh drew inspiration from the other Elements in the last Airbender and used those principles to aid his firebending, you can do this to aid your Taekwondo.


I see youre intrested in traditional martial arts. I cant tell you how you aproach your progress . You can learn from spirits yes what i do is summon a spirit before i train and ask to guide me you will be suprised at what you do after . Martial arts have changed over the years if you really want to learn how to fight ask them to teach you about war methods ways inviromental tacticts and so on.


Is necromancy basics. Should be ok working with Bune, Hecate Chtonia, Bifrons, Hades. there are special formulas in advanced necromancy who bring this spirits of the dead like Bruce Lee forth

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Thank you all guys for the replies and the tips you give to me. They are very helpful.