Martial art question

I’m thinking about taking a martial arts class not only for self defense but to gain more spiritually. Which martial art would you recommend for this?

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Most Western teachers of martial arts ignore the spiritual aspects of the art, so I would recommend possibly finding a school with an instructor trained in the East.

I would look into a form of gong fu, or tai chi (most schools of tai chi mainly focus on the health aspects in modern times, but if you do some searching I’m sure you can find teachers who teach the marital aspects as well). I also recommend ninjitsu, or hoshinjustsu, both of which are highly spiritual arts.

I’ve practiced taekwondo for 30 + years, but unfortunately, my teacher was very Western and thought the spiritual aspects of martial arts were pure hokum so I was left to study Taoism and qi gong on the side by myself to learn about chi.


I’ve been wanting to get into tai chi, there’s this place near me that does the spiritual aspect of it too I think.


Than you for the information. I will probably want to do both depending on the one I do first. Which is probably going to be Tai chi


Look into bujinkan. I practice and sensing energy and intent is a core part of it.


The major internal schools of kung fu,most notably (Chen) Taijiquan, Bagua zhang and Xing Yi Quan, are pretty good for this(provided you find a teacher that focuses on both martial and spiritual aspects…and preferably not the watered down hippy philosophy/morning exercise thing)
Bujjinkan and Aikido too, though once again, different teachers focus on different things, so if you don’t scout ahead, there’s a big chance of joining a larping society instead of a martial arts school.


aikido is probably your best bet as it teaches you self defense from the start incorporating spirituality. It’s more practical i would say.

tai chi is too but it’s more spiritual before self defense. Not many emphasize the self defense aspect but more for health.

You can always do a sit in on a class to see how they teach or if it’s what you want. don’t fall for the hard sell that some school do.

Self defence is secondary for me. After I take a few years of tai chi I will move on to another form and see if I can benefit from both

then I suggest you get the book and
for a good knowledge foundation and qi gong foundation. i recommened this new 64 form cuz it’s shorter . not too short like the 24 short form and not too long like the 101 traditional long form. Most tai chi forms are same just different order. I like this form as it’s base on the I ching.
combine with live class and your good to go.

It will most likely be extremely difficult to learn by myself. When I have to get up and go to a place on time its more motivating. It’s like working out for me. I’ll still check out the book

it’s easy. the pictures and explanation are superb. it’s not substitute. book is to study form in mind outside of class.
you can’t find a better book on qi gong foundation as it’s from the classics translated to english. I tried many forms but end up with this iching tai chi one.

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Oh ok thank you

So I got some Information back from the tai chi class in my area. They teach sun 73 and yang 24. I hope this works out, because the teachers look like a bunch of hippies. I’m sure they know what their doing.

they probably just do it for health if they look like hippies. lol Most serious schools also do long form as the short version is considered water down. If the teacher never learn long form then he’s not the person to learn from. All serious practitioner teachers of tai chi wil llearn long form. If he’s just teaching short form then he’s into the fad of tai chi. sun style is known for health focus. it’s chen style that focus on self defense. yang style is the popular one for health and self defense.
There’s 5 main styles if you look at the history. sun, wu, wu hao chen, and yang . yang is most popular. All other styles came from these 5 origin styles. If you learn , choose one of these 5 style. not any other as it’s offshoot from these 5

from my research the 2 form you mentioned is for contest competition. meaning it’s rearranged for shows. It’s not the original forms. might not be what your after. Guess it don’t matter. gotta start somewhere. There short form is a good taste before you commit.

however, the 24 form is too short to be effective in progress. You would have to do several runs of it to get progress. unless you have background in qi gong already. which the book i mention will help you tremendously. heres’ the full form in video. U don’t have to stay that low if you have knee problems. thats’ why i like tai chi. you can change difficulty of routine by going lower or slower.