Martal Revisited - Kingdom of Flames Evocation


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Its like time has stopped, the moment I complete my final banishing, not even having had time to lower my athame from its final position the world becomes alive. Outside my ritual chamber I hear my neighbour pull into his drive way and start having loud conversation with his wife, simultaneous to that every dog in our my area starts going nuts.

But lets go back a bit, in fact back to the day before I have performed the ritual. This past weekend has been the first weekend in several weeks where I haven’t had friends or family staying with us so it gave me a chance to spend some time on my three passions - art, gardening and sorcery. I had a perfect sunny day and over 100 fruit and vegetables to plant taking me the better part of 7 hours. I mention this for several reasons. Firstly the whole experience was a meditation, if you take the time to raise your energy and connect with the world around you, you will get some nice feed back, especially when planting. Secondly, the majority of magical texts talk about how you should take some time to purify yourself before ritual usually physically through ritual bathing and then meditation, the whole process of putting these plants in my garden functioned as to do just that, the whole operation was done in self harmony and improved my harmony with the world at large, when these plants come to maturity over the next few months my food bill will drop down to almost nothing (I’m vegetarian) and those who are familiar with the extended environmental impact of buying vs growing food will understand how awesome this is.

That day finished with some gate walking - a skill which I admit I pretty terrible at, my experiences tend to be unpredictable, sometimes I’ll totally be there but mostly I end up rooted to my physical and the experience is hazy. I opened the gate and found myself in the First Kingdom of Flames, but the only meaningful thing I was able to bring back was from an encounter with Martal - bring the totem, see you in the ritual.

The day of the ritual was spent working on art, studying occult theory and meditating, another day of harmony. I had also totally cleaned out the space where I was going to do the ritual, once again purification.

The ritual set up this time was much better, I corrected the few inaccuracies in relation to prescribed cardinal directions that I had been using previously and also used an altar, a fold up easel, where previously I had just been working on the floor.

I opened the ritual in my usual way with the Lesser Banishing ritual of the Pentagram followed by the Middle Pillar ritual. When performing a big ritual like this don’t be afraid to spend a little more time on these components, ideally you have set aside a decent chunk of time to do it all so unlike perhaps during your daily rituals you don’t have to feel rushed. Even though I do both of these rituals everyday it has to fit into my schedule around work, eating, sleeping, fucking, exercise, etc and there isn’t really the time to feel my way into them deeply. I managed to get a deeper understanding for the middle pillar, especially the exercise known as the “Circulation of the body of Light” which usually follows it.

I decided I would mix in a ritual I haven’t done in a while - The Bornless Rite. If you aren’t familiar with this ritual it is basically designed to unite the Magus with his higher self, often known as “the holy guardian angel”. Don’t be fooled by the terminology though, really its about becoming god incarnate. It is a fairly challenging ritual though being long and confusing to say but worth doing if you can. By about halfway through I realised I was working mostly almost entirely on higher planes, my physical body was still saying words but it wasn’t really where I was at, I became the observer on the astral. From here to process becomes a little blurry, I know I finished the ritual because of the page my grimoire was turned to but I don’t actually remember doing it. What I do remember was a vision of incredible glory- one for my canvas for sure, also I was energised totally and perfectly clear of mind.

I performed the KoF banishing, opened the gate and called forth Martal. This evocation was shorter than last time, I was used to the energies so didn’t get so overwhelmed by them, also we had goals. Firstly was the creation of a totem. Several months earlier I had found a well preserved rats skull whilst cleaning out my garden so decided I would clean it back as a sort of cool thing and work out what I would do with it later. During the last evocation of Martal it was indicated that I use it to create a totem for him, a vessel through which he could channel his power on this plane without going through all the ritual. I drew the sigil he gave me onto the top of the skull and then he filled it with his power, the totem currently lives on my permanent shrine where I make my daily offerings and rituals.

Secondly I put in a petition to move forward with some worldly goals which was met positively. Finally I was given a new vision of Martal, a surreal landscape deep in metaphor revealing new layers to the entity.

I gave Martal thanks and right to depart then closed with KoF Banishing and a LBRP (because I prefer the clean energy it leaves compared to the KoF banishing)

I don’t have plans to summon Martal again at this stage, my work with this demon is complete for now and from here I will be moving onto the rest of the entities in the First Kingdom.