Mars and Planetary hours

Some amazing person provided information on a Curse page about the Mars and the planetary hours . and what effects it would have. Please help me with this one.

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Depends on what your tryin to do.
For planetary magick What you mix it with will change the effect. For simple mixes of 2
Mixed With the moon you attack the mind and/or emotions,habits or inflict madness(luna-cy).

With mars alone you can attack ones confidence,drives, passions, libido, ect

With mercury communications,commerce, or tech can be attacked potentially causing havoc.

With jupiter you can pierce defences, attack their ability to lead, their good fortune ect.

Venus you can target income,love, their values and relationships.

Saturn you mix the forces of war and death, inflicting fear and terror, attack their responsibilities and influence, attack with the law ect.

Sun to target health, identity, infertility.

This is no where near a complete list but should get the creative juices flowing :skull:


This is exactly what I was looking for yes… @serpens_album- dinmiatus was the holder of mars hours knowledge.


I love this thank you so much

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No problem :alien:

Thanks. Do you know of a good book for this type of thing?

For planetary magick in general jason miller’s stuff has alot of good info.

If your lookin for detailed info on how the various hours and days can be used with magick on mind and magick’s planetary magick program. I think it is still on sale for the next few days.

Thanks. :blush: