Can you be tricked into marrying someone else?

please elaborate…do you think you or someone else was tricked? influenced to marry someone? are you thinking of trying to trick someone, influence someone etc?

please elaborate a little.

Believed you married someone else then but actually married to someone else

yes, that’s possible, I suppose. There could be a variety of explanations to what you’re asking.

Is it vaild marriage?

Yes, you can be tricked. However, if you were duped, it invalidates the marriage, whether it is a legal marriage or a spiritual marriage because you did not enter it consciously.

If you marry Sally Mae, and later find out that her actual legal name is Cindy Lou, your marriage becomes null and void because, according to law, you didn’t marry the legal entity known as Cindy Lou.

If you think you are marrying Lilith, and later find out you actually married Loki in drag, it is not a valid marriage.


How do u get out of it?

Simple. You declare the marriage null and void, and state your reasons, exerting your right of choice as a Divine being. It may be helpful to have a powerful spirit on your side when you do so as back up in case the trickster gets uppity (a spirit respected by most is best, such as Lucifer or the archangel Michael).

Then you cleanse yourself of any bindings or cords attaching you to the spirit in question, and get on with your life.

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