Marriage Question

Okay, this may sound far fetched to some. I’m still not quite used to having experiences haha, so it’s a shock to me. But, I’ll get on with explaining.

So, I’ve been quite into the scans and swaps thread as of late hehe. I love that thread. Anyway, on two separate days, by two separate people either becoming a wife to or marrying King Belial was mentioned. So King Belial either wants to make me his wife, or is thinking about it.

What do I think of this? Honestly, I don’t know. I have been reading some topics regarding marriage to Demons, and it seems like it’s a lot to think about. I don’t know what to do next.

I know I should feel honoured, and don’t get me wrong I am honoured. I guess I’m just thinking about the next step to take.

How to people usually go about marriages like this? What happens during a marriage? Do you have to evoke potential spouse?


I am not married to a spirit, but my understanding is that you do evoke the spirit in some way and there is usually some kind of ceremony held, just as if you were marrying a human. I think the ceremony is done or can be done astrally, though usually there is a ring or something to symbolize the union. The one person I am most familiar with, who is married to a demon king, had her wedding officiated by Lucifer, but that is only because of Lucifer’s relationship with said demon king.

@succupedia said that when he married his wives, there were many other spirits in attendance and it was a pretty regal affair so I guess you would need to speak to Belial and find out what would be required.


Ah, I kind of get it a bit more now haha. How would I talk to him, would that be done through meditation or astrally?

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Yes. Or you can open his sigil and call him that way as well.

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Thanks. I’ll find out more about him first

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From what I understand from your scan in the power sensing thread, Belial is already around you so it shouldn’t be very difficult for you to contact him when you’re ready. You already have his interest.