Mark Left by a spirit

Hi There,

For the first time since I joined this forum, I’m somewhat at a loss, so I’m seeking some advice and help from some of the more senior members.

I’ve started dating a girl a couple of months ago, who was arranged for me by the Goddess of Love, Inanna, after she offered me a boon during one of her regular visits.

Today morning she woke up with what looks like bruising on her left wrist. You can very clearly see a mark which would indicate that someone grabbed her by the wrist very forcefully. She and her roommate do not remember anything extraordinary during the night, but they were quite shocked to see the blue marks on her. I wasn’t staying with her at the time.

She knows that I have been helped by Inanna many times and she asked me what this could be. I tried to sort of laugh it off, but to be honest, I’m a bit concerned. Is somebody after her, due to my contacts with the spirit world? Is there any way to find out who it may be and what their intentions are?

The entities / deities I have been visited by over the years include:

  • Inanna, the one who visits me the most
  • Enki and Utu, who showed up just a couple of times, but have helped me a great deal
  • Azazel, who once drew me out of my mortal body and took me to the underworld, where I saw his real form, a goat-headed chimera
  • Ereshkigal, Inanna’s sister, who approached me once, wanting to use me as a conduit and channel, but I refused as I didn’t like her vibe at all.

Are any of the above likely candidates for grabbing my girlfriend and can there intentions be interpreted as hostile or am I worried about nothing?

I would appreciate any feedback from those that have dealt with such visitations before. I should also note, that a close friend of mine was once visited by an angel in physical form, just as flesh and blood as he was, and he suffered some pretty serious injuries on his hand, where the angel touched him, which took months and a literal miracle to heal.

Again, I am, so I’d be grateful for some knowledgeable feedback.

You said erishigal and you haven’t had much meetings so maybe but who knows. You can scry.


I would suggest your girl to sage and banish thoroughly and then if it happens again then you can dive into the spirit world.


Thanks, I will look into that if it reoccurs. She will be staying with me for the next week, so I hope whoever it is will leave her alone and not dare touch her.

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Goodluck brother.

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Another option, if she is indeed being visited or harassed, is to charge this and have your girlfriend carry it, or place it in her bedroom.