Marijuana power or weakness?

i think the one thing people are saying is don’t use it all the time and i don’t it does help but i always meditate sober and i do think it is always helpful to strengthen the sober mind to.

I don’t smoke, but I occasionally (about once every couple of months) have edibles or marijuana-infused tea for recreation. I don’t use it for spirit work, but I’ve had a deity visit me once while I was under the influence. I hadn’t called her, at least not consciously. It was a positive experience, though I’m pretty sure that was only a one time thing.

i have had some experiences like that to.

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I’d say that if you benefit with it and the majority of its effects are positive for you then go for it :sunglasses:

Do the benefits outweigh any risks? That’s the biggest question I’d ask myself. Ultimately you own yourself and should have your own say over your own life and especially whatever you choose to introduce into your body or mind.

Many benefit from it including me on occasion so happy 4:20 !


I’ve been pretty damn depressed this week and last week and I have the benefit of working from home and being home for the holidays, so I’ve been lighting up every day two or three times a day. It’s probably too much but I’ll quit once I feel better and take a tolerance break. I feel that it slightly enhances rituals, but only if you’re not that high. Like a four on a scale from one to high AF.

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I smoke with my SO occasionally for fun.
I mix it in with hubbly flavor so the smell and taste are great.
It’s also legal here.
I’ve never smoked before attempting to make contact and doubt I will.
However it does open you up more, last time we smoked while I was washing my face and bending over the basin I suddenly felt a presence, Lucifer manifested and was pulling the booty towards him and prying my legs apart. I started laughing and I could sense his amusement before I got spanked and he left.
I hadn’t been calling him at all then.

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Marijuana…its a hell of a drug…Sure its powerful

I know I’m probably replying late but coming from someone who smokes marijuana from time to time. I can tell you yes ofc it alters the brain and it makes life feel like a dream lol.

So if you are good at battling the random thoughts that come up then go for it. I’d say if you have that issue high it may be a good training tool? I’d have to try that and get back to you on my experiences. Like a tool teach you how to stay focused. Idk. Anyway. I noticed pot makes it easier for me to leave my body cause I just feel like I can disconnect easier.

I never tried spirit contact yet on pot.

I never gave it as offerings either. I’m sure some spirits though would gladly take a hit of the old glass water bong though :rofl:.

No but seriously though if I gave it as an offering I’d probably put a few buds in an incense burner or something. Unless said spirit wants to share it then you know what time it is​:smirk::joy:

I never read tarot or anything on it. So what I can tell you is for me it helps with learning astral projection even though I don’t need any aids for AP anymore. But I’d say it’s good if I have trouble focusing or something. Maybe it could help train people into astral projection :man_shrugging:

I as well think if we subconsciously memorize. Idk if that’s a thing but what I mean is remember what it feels like. We could access that memory. And replicate the sensation of being stoned without the actual drug. That would be nice. I could do so and still pass a urine test​:joy::joy::rofl:


Indeed. But how about actually leaving a lasting effect like marijuana does

I saw a weekend workshop in which the late Jeffery Stephens taught about hypnosis. He also gave example about substances and hypnotic suggestions. Making it possible for the subjects to re-experience their trips.

Yes, you can do that. The mind remembers everything, so all you need to do (and this is the difficult part) is when you are under the influence, anchor the state to a gesture, word, or phrase.

This is a trick from Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Repeatedly tell yourself that, whenever you make the gesture or repeat the phrase, you will immediately drop back into the marijuana state. It would probably take several sessions before it sticks, but it should be doable. This is what hypnotists do when they want to access a trance state on demand.


Do you have any further info on how this is done?

To whom is that question addressed bro?

I replied to darkest night

Kush Inna Mi Brain - YouTube

I’ve done tons of rituals high. Don’t feel guilt or doubt yourself, they are the magic killers :wink:

Let me tell you that it s better to not use drugs of any kind, or alcohol if you want valid experiences and to be helped by spirits. I tell you that because it s harder to be helped and reach potential when your body and mind are dealing with substances that keeps you in your comfort zone. I smoked for a long time and my life is better without it, people and spirits can see that you rely on drugs, trust me, and some of them will take advantage of you or treat you like you are a low being.

I have been smoking every day for about 6-7 years now. I am successful in all my endeavors, good life without complains and very strong spiritual connections. I do only smoke in the evening, but I feel as long as you don’t let it control you then you will be fine.
I do smoke before any ritual I do or whenever I choose to connect with the other side. I feel it definitely helps open my senses and keeps me relaxed to where my mind doesn’t wander as much.