Marduk Invocation

Hello I’ve just saw a particular post on VK Jehannum web blog and he posted an invocation to Marduk to experience a unification with the deity name Marduk now I was just wondering whether what is the purpose of having posse’s by Marduk just to experience a unification with him ?

I’m thinking of summoning Mardurk and I’m going to use those 50 names. I was thinking of using one name per day with their sigils. “The Fifty Names follow here, with their Signs and Powers. They may be summoned after the priest has ascended this step on the ladder of lights and obtained entrance into this sacred city. The Signs are to be engraved on parchment or sealed in clay and placed on the altar at the Call. And in the incense there should be cedar and strong and fragrant resins. And let the Call be in the North”. I can send you the link if you want


You really have to open the gate to summon the 50’s ?

You mean like Ishtar Gate, Inana Gate, etc, right?

For example it helps with grounding Aranunna one of the Marduk names

No, you can summon them like any other spirits. I summoned Asaruludu without going through the gates and it went well

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How did he appeared to you ?

Ah thanks a lot mate

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Like an Angel carrying a flamming sword. He had a golden aura. But his face wasn’t like a “classic” Angel, it was more blue/purple, you know like a corpse. His pupils were red. He didn’t speak much, just listened to my request and agreed to do it. He didn’t want anything in exchange

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