He is such a powerful demon to work with.
Do you want revenge?
Do you want to harm your enemies?
He can give them to you.
His powers go beyond.
My experience with it is based on the Dom method. I used my creativity to cause and harm my enemies with sexually transmitted infections, it was a success…
I asked Marbas what was the maximum damage he could cause and he told me “blood cancer” look for him, he will bring you peace.


Inspired by this post I opened my DoM book and I opened it RIGHT on the page of Marbas


Have you tried a curse giving someone blood cancer and if so did it work?

NO! I was not capable of causing that suffering and possible death to someone.
Well in that moment yes but when Marbas tell me that,
i cant do it…
So I just wanted to know and that’s why I used the connective ritual and asked.