Here in Monday I evoked Marbas but when I was about to chant his Enn I realized I forgot to write my request in paper to then burn in my offerbowl. I then said “sorry but I must cancel” and I then shut down the incense and then did my ringing with the bell to close the ritual. I then wrote down my request and began the ritual. I turn on the incense and begin to chant and did the ritual where I burned my request in the offerbowl stating “I request you to heal me completely and permanent”. The day after I got sick with feber and my doctor believe it to be an urinary tract infection which causes feber as they could find bacteria in the urine.

Is there a connection to this and Marbas? Or is it a coincidence?

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It can be marbas can heal people just like malphas and raphael out my experience

Hello, I have connect with lord Marbas, he and lord Buer have helped to heal one of my nieces from a terible infection (Necrotizing fasciitis). So I have connected with them with simple ritual, if you forget a piece of paper, don’t stop, just ask your petition with your voice, just be clear and it will work. About what you exactly asked, you may try to connect with him again, just don’t stop, talk to him, apologize ( perhaps it was disrespectful to end the ritual just for a piece of paper), and ask him to heal you.

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It’s probably a coincidence. Generally speaking, twice is a coincidence and three times is a pattern.

This was just once, I don’t think Marbas minds, but I agree with the above you didn’t have to abort, you could state your request out loud and let the air take it instead of the fire.


When I realized I forgot to formulate and write down my request I said “I’m sorry Marbas but I forgot so I have to abort” and then shut down the incense.

After I formulated my request and wrote it down I did a second ritual and reconnected and this time also cite the full invocation I have written as a standard invocation to the spirit.

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I wouldn’t have shut it down but politely excused myself to get a pen and paper.

It’s a good idea to have those on your altar just in case.

Sometimes I have to get up to get h things at the spirits promptings though. It happens. Just try not to let it break your focus or trance

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