I need help for someone ive tried summoning marbas i dont know if he answers my ritual pm me

I can’t pm you , say prayers to him

yah i evoke his enn i wrote a calligraphy and burned it with his sigil and have a weird feeling he didnt let me sleep and i thought im being possesed i thought i tried to i dont know unbind him i dont know if i pissed him off

When i tried to spoke his enn i dont know because of desperation my voice change

You do know summoning spirits is not easy, right? It rarely happens on the first try or even the tenth.

You didn’t piss him off. Marbas is generally easy going in my experience. He is a healer, after all.

In my opinion, your mind is playing tricks on you and you are causing your own distress.


yah mate because i have an illness could you help me

i dont know if it work

About the callipgraphy and sigil i burned

darkest knight?

Hey, man, just a heads up: you can edit your posts for a certain time after you hit the “reply” button, there is no need to make four posts.

Sorry, I was AFK.

Summoning spirits takes practice. You have to do it over and over again to get better, like any skill.

My advice would be to simply spend some time in meditation and chanting Marbas’ enn to connect with him, but don’t expect miracles if you have never practiced magick before.

Another option would be to pick up a copy of Demons of Magick and work through its petition ritual. The system in the book is complete, and tells you all that you need to call the demon and get results.

Half assing it on your own is very hit and miss when it comes to spirit work, and you would be better served following an actual system.

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