Marbas visited me

Ok so this is a weird experience because normally I end up somehow stumbling across a spirit or else sensing a wondering spirit but this was different.

I have a thing that I do where if I sense a strong or abnormal spiritual presence in my room (where I do spellwork for the time being) where I will question the spirit by asking it’s name. Usually it either goes away or answers with a name I expect (name of a entity I have heard about or the name of a nature spirit in the area). Last night, when I did this, I got an unexpected answer. I vaguely understood the name; it was a demon’s name.

After some looking around on the internet, it turns out to be Marbas (or Barbas, but I heard something closer to Marbas). I asked him why he was here.

“You have considerable talent in many things! I have taken considerable interest in your potential! Make a pact with me and I will protect your talents!”

“Why a pact? What do you need for it?”

“I just need you to write down what you would like me to protect and give myself something in return, preferably in pure blood but it can be mixed with ink. Give it some time to manifest, and success will be ensured. You can offer anything you want but it has to be something to work at if you want success. I want to see you showing that you want it! But I won’t force you. And oh, I’m a healer and plague-caster, so if you allow me to reside in your space I can do much more for you!”

I actually liked talking to Marbas. He seemed proud but actually very genuine, a good personality combination. Reading about Marbas, he seems to teach others in many fields related to knowledge of mechanical things (knowledge of systems and tools). Maybe he wants to help me learn?

It wasn’t really a typical spirit or demon visit but I just sent (burnt to send it to the spiritual dimension) a pact to Marbas and I’m awaiting his reply. He did mention something about my connection with Sekhmet and I’m wondering if all these leonine spirits are actually taking an affinity for me for a single reason… (For those who don’t know, Marbas is described as a lion, which was something I strangely could feel about him). I’m not going to say much about the actual working I did tonight because it was rather quick and to be honest I don’t remember much of it (which is also abnormal for me).

It’s a little weird because I never seriously thought about working with demons before and I only read the Wikipedia articles related to individual demons and all the sudden I get an unexpected visit. I mean, I had to look up this demon’s name. I feel a little bad as well as a bit surprised. But I guess it’ll work out as long as I keep my side of the deal which I put thought and consideration into so… yeah. Just another crazy thing happening on my way to Ascension. :wink:


I love Marbas…

Marbas and I worked out a cute system.

I have been assigned three protectors who work in the past, present, future respectfully. They take energy from my detractors and enemies and feed it back to me or anyone I point to.


Demons are very proud for the most part. I haven’t worked with Marbas, but he’s probably no exception.


Yay! He’s really likeable I found. :slight_smile:

Also, forum cooties - Marbas gets a big namecheck in the interview between E.A. and Kelly Dawn I just posted yesterday! “Coincidences”… lol!


marbas and sekhmt possibly could be same one entity, like both hve healing powers n lion heads, And see he mentioned sekhmt connection with you so it means he is same entity but visited you in his real demon form, i guess demons were ancient gods who ruled the world one time


Hi Can u please guide me hw can i create a gud relationship with Marbas? thanks