Marbas invocation

Hey all I tried today to summon Marbas chanted his enn for 30 mins even called h to come forth and dedicate my alter and my blood as an offering but nothing happend can Somone tell me what I did wrong?

@Yeho2433 Please answer the question I asked o complete your introduction.

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I don’t see why chanting an enn should do anything. An enn is useless without you directing your energy and intent, and then if your psychic senses are not developed the entity can by jumping up and down screaming that it’s there and you wouldn’t see it. You are trying to run before you can walk. You’re also probably attracting parasites that you don’t know about won’t be able to sense and won’t know how to get rid of.

First do your intro and let us know your experience so we don’t tell you to study things you already know, and then start studying what’s real.

Bear in mind, enns are from the religion of demonolatry and by themselves do not accomplish anything except giving some of your devotional energy to the entity. Enns are not a cheap shortcut to sorcery, it doesn’t work like that.

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I’m surprised nothing happen . I’m sure something happened if you’re doing that . He is the lightest daemon he’s very easy so he’s subtle for most people . But in my experience I’ve seen Marbas in full pyschial appearance throwing pentagrams and white lion and white spots . Hail