Marbas experience

I have summoned marquis Marbas yesterday evening and he appeared immediately as humanoid lion. Muscular body only with lower part of body covered in clothes and head of a lion. He appeared to me happy to see me. Later on I searched on internet and found images of him looking very similar to what I have seen. I am happy for that Marbas :lion:.


That is really cool.

Why did you summon the spirit?

Can you give us more details about your work? What did you do to prepare? How is your setup like? What techniques did you employ to get this manifestation?

I am asking so that people reading this might be able to get more insight on your practice, and newbies who havent had results might be able to gleam something from your work, and thus piggyback off your success using ‘‘proven’’ methods. Might set their minds at ease and allow them to actually manifest entities.

I summoned him to my inner temple chanting his enn : Renach tasa uberaca biasa icar Marbas and offered him bowl full of apples and them he appearence.

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*then he appeared

i imagine spirits looking like fantasy video game Charakters lol.

I believe that you imagine things.

You know, strange thing is that what I have asked him for manifested next day lol.

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They will look like that if they want to.

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Very nice, very nice.

I channeled Marbas just yesterday.
It felt so dark. I felt so dark.

That was probably because of the method. But I felt so dark.
Like a heaviness was on my heart.

In my core. I don’t think that was his will.

He appeared in my dream this morning. Unexpectedly but i was talking about him alongside others to a friend. He was a statue in my dream. A lion headed man standing up, dressed in an old style suit and top hat.


Great connection, I like it.