Marbas, Birds and Dreams

Hello all!

So…I’ve been hesitating and going back and forth deciding which demon to invoke first. So last night, I decided to just go ahead and invoke Marbas.

I lit a candle, lit some frankincense incense, (I had just got done doing a couple readings not long before, so I had already cleansed the room and been burning some powders for spirit communication), drew out his sigil and started chanting his enn…

First of all…I stared at the sigil for awhile but I was never able to get it to “flash.” At one point I did pick it up and stare at it, and it went double, but never fully flashed (per what I was expecting from people’s descriptions of flashing, with parts of the sigil, or in full, disappearing and reappearing.)

I did not feel any temperature changes in the room, or feel like a spirit entered. I did not necessarily feel anything either.

However, as I chanted the enn, the candle flame did start dancing. The only thing, other than the candle flame dancing (which still theoretically could have been from a draft or my breath) that I think MIGHT have been a sign of his presence…I was sitting their eyes closed… chanting the enn, and I had the psychic impression of a bird (maybe a parrot…but I’m not sure) fly in and land on my shoulder. I brushed this off though…because I was trying to make sure that my imagination and desire for something to happen were not coming into play, which I thought it might have been…since President Marbas is associated with lions and not birds…or is there an association to birds that I don’t know about…and as I am writing this…I just remembered about familiars…do you know if there are any familiars that Marbas may send that are in the form of a bird?

Now…after I chalked this experience up to not gonna happen the first time…(I know that just because I didn’t get any solid proof doesn’t mean there was no contact) I went off to bed. I took the sigil that I had drawn and put it in my pillowcase and I chanted the enn a few times as I went to sleep. I do remember my dream featuring Marbas but I don’t remember any of the details (I DID remember some when I woke up in the middle of the night, but it was one of those quick…wake up half way and fall right back asleep things…by the time I fully woke up this morning, I’d forgotten everything) The only thing I remember is that Marbas was featured and that the energy was slightly…negative maybe? or maybe just stern? I don’t know. There was also someone else…but I can’t remember who.

Usually if my dream means something…I remember the details…so I don’t know if it was a visitation or if the dream just featured Marbas, a psychological thing since I’d been thinking about him before bed.

Do you all think this was contact or not?


I don’t think this is a response from Marbas. I have several visions dealing with Marbas always appearing as a white lion. The first in a stone room with him standing as a white lion and than turning red slowly with blood and another with him as a white lion with wings flying over a mountain castle.

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Thank you…

Do you by any chance have any insight about the bird? Any ideas?

That is interesting about the lion with wings… I wonder …

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Birds appear as messengers the parrot landing on your shoulder is a positive sign that you have indeed been heard, brightly feathered birds are symbolic of health and good fortune. You are seeking knowledge in a new direction and your ritual has brought you freedom and insight. Try your ritual again invoking Marbas be specific for what your requests are i.e. health and healing, knowledge etc.


I’ll do that for sure! Thank you!

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