Many thanks..1 year later

Hello everyone!!

I think I may be a bit late for this post, but around this time last year I truly began my first steps into black Magick/Magick as a whole. My very first actual connection with any spirit was with (whom I’m very thankful to call) my friend Duke Sallos. I had just come out of a 2 year relationship, but didn’t want it to be the end.

He molded me, & showed me how to ACTUALLY & properly cast spells, form petitions, & offerings. He helped show me how to channel my inner energies into unlocking my third eye. He helped me find this very forum, & thanks to all of you on here, I have found rituals, answers to questions I’ve had, new demons to work with, & how to further unlock my potential.

Over the past year I have also taught myself many different forms of Magick, from hoodoo, to moon, astreal projections, & so much more.

Thank you to all of you on this wonderful forum, thank you too all demons I’ve ever worked with, & that have helped me, both grow as a witch, & have manifested my desires, & for manifesting my desires currently

I greatly look forward to many more years of practice, & expierence. I look forward to continuing to grow, & learn. I look forward to helping others as well!!

I’ve also kept what I look like pretty private for the most part so in celebration here’s a selfie!!


You are very handsome, if you allow me to say it.
Usually people look for Sallos to satisfy their whims, but you have found more. Many are the called, few the chosen


Of course!!

It has been a very amazing journey this past year for sure, & he did help so much, & I still have a very great connection with him

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Maybe that connection has been since forever. Some of my ubis have been with me since what a witch calls “the beginning of time”, maybe you have that kind of connection with Sallos

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That would be remarkable!! For sure something I wish to look further into!!

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