Many Masks, Many Names

Recently it came up that we are only generally evoking the latest mask and name used by a given entity. Basically we deal with aspects of something bigger and more ancient. The oldest records I’m aware of are Sumerian, and the varying Mesopotamian mythologies. From there, entities like Enki, Enlil, Marduk, and Tiamat were carried on as the humans who worshiped them migrated. As language changed, the god names did as well, as their stories took on other cultures. It was suggested to create a thread tracing some of these back to even the primordial forces they embody.
@AdamThoth, would you like to do the honors?


That sounds like something a Santeria priest said in an interview. He said that the Orishas appear in every culture under different names and appearances.


And a lot like what we said about Odin.


I think I’m the cases of pre-existing spirits like Odhinn most likely is in my opinion, masks are prevalent. But in the case of an ascended human that became a god or in the case of an egregore, you’ll see less masks. But that’s just how I see it.


Well for me, the tale of a rebellious god who saw fit to give forbidden knowledge to humans, free will, and even sex and taking human wives goes to Enki, trickles down into Shemyaza/Azazel, Lucifer, Prometheus, and on and on to almost every mythology. That’s where I got this theory from, and I feel that it’s rooted in something bigger than the personas we interact with. There are primordial forces and then Universal forces that they embody. Inanna is the feminine side of the Lucifer archetype. And I’m not saying it’s just an archetype. I’m saying that it has become one.


If one imagines the force as a river, it simply is. But once that force enters our reality, then it starts to shoot off into many different streams as it encounters time. Those streams each have an identity, due to their place in time and what we build on it (ie a dam is a cultural ‘rule’ a deity adheres to)

To me, the source split off into two upon initial creation of this realm. The first was purity, the breath finally released. The second was of neccessity, the need to breathe. And from those two, all of our different streams flow

Just my 2cents


I agree. In fact I’m trying to find out what these different masks are of the entities/deities of today are from that era. I recently found a thread by C. Kendall on March 3rd about the many masks and aspects of Lucifer. I love to have a book or list of the different entities/deities that are followed here on this forum.


would an ascended human reach a state of self actualization where they would become whole? They wouldn’t have selves. Is that why?

I saw Crowley in a vision and he appeared as both a young adept and a wise old man at the same time. So i’ve wondered this.


They would have selves. Just new selves that are more powerful. Some of the Vodou Lwa are examples of this.


But there really is a lot of room for debate terms of UPG. For example, remember the video equating Lugh to the Lucifer? I disagreed,but only because of my own experiences. I’m not objectively right and the other perspective is not entirely wrong.

So the question is, how to confirm such a thing? What methods can be used to ascertain the theory of masks across cultures?

I know about planetary sigils in the astral exposing information, but as effective as that can be, there is still room for error.

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That’s why this thread was made my friend, to discuss ideas. I want to hear your experiences if you’re going to share them. In my experience entities transcend cultural boundaries. That’s something that is up for debate and I’m open to being proven wrong. Thus far, I haven’t.


Right. So it is entirely within the realm of possibility for there to be two people whose appearances, habits and personality are very, very similar, and those two people could live in different parts of the world. Think of the comedic yet still odd doppleganger in the airport idea. So, I suppose it is possible that you could have two spirits that are extremely similar in nature and manifestation and energy that the two individual spirits could be considered masks of one or the other.

My personal opinion? I think it is a case of both.

I definitely agree with the idea that the same entity has crossed cultures under different names and interpretations; masks. History can just about prove this in many cases, even without knowing a thing about magick.

At the same time, I feel that is not the case for every one. I don’t really adhere too strictly to the idea of archetypes in the sense that I do not feel that all spiritual archetypes are energetic emmanations of the same source. Some are from totally different spheres of existence, IMO. So I do feel it is entirely possible for two energetic archetypes to be identical, but still autonomous from one another because of the different source of origin.

Also, there is the factor of human error. Misinterpretation. Once more than a few people get a misinterpreted idea stuck in their heads as a reality, then it can have an effect on future workings with any said entity for anyone else.

I completely agree with that. The trouble is to find out which ones are accurate.


Ok so this video claims the nine are extra terrestrial but I assure you that is not the case. More like interdimensional. There is a version of the nine in every planet and race but we here on earth have a very human nine.
But the video has a nice compilation of nine god’s and shows quite a bit so watch it if you really want to know the history of the nine.

Right. I definitely think the historic approach is effective much of the time. I’m willing to bet that there is info in old texts or word of mouth traditions that most are not privy to. Library of Alexandria type stuff.


Look to the Bel.

God is an Amalgamation. How was it said? I am legion for we are many?


Just my humble take.
They exist, we exist. If we call them into our consciousness as deity, or messenger, or teacher they conform to what we can understand. We worship their presented form, convience others we are a proffit and start a movement to change the world with our new understanding.
We are humanity. Our crippled concepts of self and ego cry for understanding. We do not understand! When we finally get it were off this low vibrational reality and on to the next. We assend and let the next proffit start the next revolution. Life here is messy and honestly fucked up. We are infinatly flawed creatures creating gods from our imaginations. They exist, we exist. They are gods, we are gods.
Where this meets is the dogma of time. Yes, many are the same entities carried through the eons. Many are new representaions of the same human need. I do not think or feel them as archtypes. I think and feel them as energetic beings. Great timeless beings of light or darkness wareing whatever mask the individual caller can comprehend. Why, my loves, would a being of absoute light, power, and knowledge need facial hair except that it was the culturally excepted idea of that speciffic groups identity.
They are not what we think they are.
They are what we need them to be.

Can you share the post. Or title (C. Kendall)

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