Manual grounding

What do you do to ground y’self?

N.B. EA says “make a sandwich” after a ritual. That’s interesting because it’s mundane as fuck but it involves using your hands. Have you noticed how mundane grounding techniques involve the hands?

Gardening, cooking, making a sandwich, playing a musical instrument, flossing your teeth, cleaning your oven, hoovering up, knitting…so on.


i just do a grounding meditation


I clean too…or walk, E.A. is right, get into the mundane

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I usually beat off or vape.


I usually use Grounding Crystals, Such as Jet or Onyx. :slight_smile:


Lots of great ones, nod in @FraterMagni 's direction … oldie but goodie.

I just get on with mundane life. Ritual’s over!, quick finger drum beat on my desk err I mean altar, or a good sigh, or a breath cycle and … boom … back to money matters, bad time management and chores. The session’s echo leaves a pressure for some time. Good time to reinforce faith in magick.

FraterMagni just zips himself back up … boom he’s shaking hands with everybody and his head is super clear. :sunglasses:

Life offers plenty of respite from that darned magick stuff. As a matter of fact I seem to ‘waste’ most of my time with mundane activity. Abramelin had the right idea with his approach to magick. Full immersion. Oh well, must not get too obsessed. Can’t get carried away! Oh no wouldn’t want that.

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