Mantras or spells to rid bad luck

Does anybody know any mantras or spells that can get rid of bad luck or negative karma/Auras around you specifically energy vampires

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Those are three separate things, which is it you need help with? I imagine we could offer better advice if you were more specific about the issue

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Try the Bornless Ritual


The Bornless Ritual? Isn’t that in NAP?

The Buddha allowed monks to use the Parrita which are powerful chants to ward away negative energies.

“This is one of the few protective charms mentioned in the Pali canon and specifically allowed by the Buddha for monks to use (another charm, also allowed to the monks, is contained in Note that the power of the charm is said to come, not from the words, but from the mind of good will with which they are said. It thus differs from charms taught in later forms of Buddhism, where the words themselves are said to contain power.”

I’ve heard monks chant this when visiting the temple throughout my entire life, particularly young — it’s powerful and protects. Try to do good as well in all that’s said, thought and done. It’s easier for negativity to manifest when there’s a growing patch of it already. True resistance = true flow.

Edit: besides the ethereal ambience which actually makes it smooth, what’s recited here is the actual chant I’ve heard my entire life and would work well as a meditative tool. (If you wanna hear the raw chant just search Parrita chanting)


Well its kind of link I think there is an energy vampire that provides bad luck in my life so thsts why i put both

Is there any instructions for this specific ritual ?

Read it aloud each evening.

Get a peacock feather and keep it where you can see it. Make sure it remains in perfect condition.