Mantras and mudras ... My experience

based on my gut feeling and from what other people have said, having a healthy energy body is pretty important to effective magic. I have tried several different techniques to open and exercise chakras over the last several months. some of them have had ok results some of them did not do anything that I could detect.

I have recently started chanting the chakra mantras and using the chakra mudras at the same time.I will first do a 10 minute breathing exercise to calm and clear the mind. then I will start with the root chakra and chant for about 4 minutes and then move up to the next one.

I have had amazing results from this. I have not done any magic since I started this practice a little over a week ago, but I have seen great improvements in other areas of my life. Everything is easier for me. My mind works much better. I can see the beauty in the world around me. I’m enjoying life much better and I have a lot more enthusiasm for the future.

one interesting thing I noticed this morning was that I unintentionally increased the tone of my chants as I moved up to the different chakras. before today all of the chants were at the exact same tone.

I just thought I would throw this out there for all you other folks.


Edit… Here is a link to the particular mudras I have been using. I know there are several others


I’ve tried mudras my self and they work great.And since we’re talking about mantras,try the mantra KSAM.It stimulates all the brain in general.
And if you combine it with Kali’s seed mantra KRIM(cream) the result can be super powerful.IT feels like your brain is ready to explode.

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Sweet. I will try it!

I forgot to tell that KRIM mantra sounds like KREEM (with a double e).
KSAM HOOM KREEM is a very powerfull mantra for third eye-brain activation.
HOOM gives fire,KREEM gives electricity and KSAM locates the center of the brain.If anyone works with mantras,you should definitely try this combination.


Have you ever tried chanting that mantra for a while right before performing magic?

Of course.But in my case it doesn’t help to get what i want from entities.I had some visions and stuff like that which are perfectly fine but once again it’s not enough.(at least for me)